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Social Facebook & Instagram Removing Accounts


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I was doing a lot of reading last night about all areas of the business side, advertising, and social media. There were a lot of big stories that I have not read in the past and I wanted to share what I read and of course leave it here for discussion and validation.

Note: @TyroneDigiCash discussed this in Feb 2016 as well. A lot of what I read was from out of the year.

I read of countless stories about Facebook & Instagram just removing pages that had anything to do with keywords such as marijuana, weed, pot, cannabis...etc. It didn't matter if it was selling the plant, passing news around, or pictures of pipes and bongs. I have been lucky to not get hit to this point and I hope I don't. Some added that not only did their Facebook page get removed, but also their personal account. That was truly heavy handed.

Instagram was even more aggressive in their terms to include more direct language than Facebook. There seemed to be no real bucket to say "these sites crossed the line" on either platform.

The TMF account doesn't have much on Facebook with less than 600 likes and it doesn't pull in any traffic to write home about. The Instagram has just shy of 500 which shocked the hell out of me because I really only set it up for the name. While it's not a lot to lose, I really don't want to lose my personal account, but if I do so be it. I only use Facebook for family & friends. I removed Nikki from managing either though. There is no reason to put her at risk and it was something I had decided previous to reading all the pages I did before bed.

I would like to hear stories if you have them. Everything I read was in 2016 and there are far too many articles to list them here. I read about 50 news articles. I have no intention on continuing to build either account.

One last thing, on G+ we had gotten a strike about 2 weeks ago about posting an image. It was vague though and I can't find it for some reason. I just wanted to point out that it's not just Facebook and not just a page. There is a lot more to this so I will continue updating as I read.

Edit: I should add that TMF received 23% of all social traffic between Aug 1st - Sept 7. Twitter is 73%. I guess I need to consider what 23% is worth in the social referral section. I am adding percentages, so in numbers Facebook has 302 sessions and Twitter has 1433. It's not a whole lot in the big picture so I need to consider this as I adjust the Facebook presence. I could just go hard until Facebook bans my pages and and my personal account. That would suck since I run about 15 pages and 10 groups. Or play it safe and keep it on the DL. Decisions are hard.
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Facebook banned my page last month, I was very sad because of it. I had really big audience (about 145k followers). However I create an instagram profile. There were not any activity, because my last audience didn't know about my new profile. My friend reccomend me to use instagram services with auto likes. And it works, my profile started to appear in instagram account's top and now I already have 100k followers.
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