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Thoughts Excessive Packaging In Dispensaries


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Something I have noticed watching different media and personal experience is how wasteful this new industry seems to be when it comes to packaging products. An example is seeing a small glass jar with one or two buds in it. I am not seeing as much recyclable packaging or minimalistic use from brands. I know everything has to be child-proof and have the perception that its medicine, but lately it just seems wasteful.

Are there any types of movements for reducing waste? Are their any dispensaries doing something unique? I may be tree-hugging a bit here but it really stood out to me. I don't work at one of these places so I don't know if this is a concern beyond my own thoughts. I would like to hear from anyone else that might have some information. I want to see this industry do better for our environment, especially when the product is natural.

Full disclosure: It drives me nuts when I see fruit wrapped in plastic too.