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Liquids Everclear Tincture Using Pressed Flower & Trim


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Hi everyone, I am working on using my leftover cakes from pressing oil. I realize that I have pressed most of the oil out in the process, but there may be a little left in there. I want to decarb the remaining material and soak it in Everclear for a couple of weeks then filter it for a tincture. I have watched about 20 different videos on to do this and I probably have it. Here is what I am going to do:

  1. Remove bud from filter bags and grind it onto a tray (7-14g, depending on a single or double batch).
  2. Decarboxylate in the oven at 240F for 45 minutes. This is typical for when I am prepping my oil for edibles.
  3. Soak in Everclear inside of a quart mason jar using 2-4 cups of alcohol.
  4. Wait 2 weeks after storing it in a cold dark place.
  5. Filter in 2 stages using cheesecloth for the first, and double coffee filter for the second.
  6. Fill 2oz tincture bottles of tincture that is ready to use.
Should I evaporate the alcohol? Should I change anything hear? I am trying to expand my knowledge and capabilities a bit this year and master some of this stuff. I have gotten pretty good at processing trim and bud for all kinds of stuff and my candy making skills are above average. Can you help me become a dojo champ with tincture production? Thank you in advance!!