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Everything Email Change Over


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Everyone, I had to switch servers and it affected the #email. I am going to be switching everything over in the next 18 hours. I was struggling on whether to have the email be @tedsmarijuanaforum.com or just @tedsmarijuana.com. I own an even shorter URL but I want consistency. I want to route some of the stuff from the tedsmarijuana.com and keep the forum where it is. Essentially, being 2 site but are connected.

I am 90% sure on the shorter of the two. Once I finish I will send an email out to confirm any of the accounts that had issues over the last week. I know it is a little confusing, but I want to unify it the best that I can. If anyone has a reason for me not to take this action please let me know. I am not always right and appreciate another voice of #reason.

As a side not, I feel confident that I am going to move the articles to the WordPress site over the weekend and remove it from the forum. I think they can stand on their own better and the 2 sites are linked so you still have a single sign on username and password. I want them to look awesome.


What you said.....

Technical mumbo-jumbo to a bunch of stoner's.
(The devil-weed made me post this)

Madness, Reefer Madness.

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Just trying to hold things together, but for the greater good of the community. We are doing a lot better and I am preparing for more growth. Email is going to be a huge part of that.