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Does Your Religion Affect Your View & Usage Of Marijuana?


Prayers help.
The positive thoughts with prayers (meditation), turn on the body's natural feel good chemistry and attempt to offset the negative.
Negative makes you sick, eventually.
To the minister and her husband....
Excellent choice over percodan. OMG...that stuff will snuff you out on all levels. Bravo to you for wanting to get off of it, first off. Secondly, to research and appraise cannabis as a pain-reliever. Remember: that's the symptom. What's causing the pain?? Inflammation? Treat the inflammation. THCA, THC, CBGA, CBDA, CBD, CBC. Some strains are higher in CBD than others. [Harlequin, Valkyrie, AC/DC] Consider growing: it's an experience that is hard to put into words. All I know now, is that its very connecting...everything is related to everything else. ONE LOVE as the Rastafarians call it.
One good book to depend on is Uwe Blesching, Ph.D.'s CHI: The Cannabis Index. He was a paramedic for 25 years. You can read the preface on Amazon. It' s a great 2 page story. ;-) It will make you smile. Hugs.


Oh and a lil PS I noticed it doesn't really matter what religion or non-religion you are here in the Cannabis community we are all accepted. I'm a Christian and I've never seen this much love, even in church where it's supposed to be. How wonderful it is that I can come to a place and lay my heart out and people love me no matter what my faults are!
Yeah, I find it strange too. I'm with you there...and I can't say I'm Christian, but do acknowledge Jesus as an avatar, yet lean more towards Buddhism. Yup...it's ONE LOVE here. And, you rock.....first research, learn about cannabis, then you move!! Wow. How smart of you!


I'm a solitary eclectic Pagan. I was brought up Catholic. Afraid of everything. At 19 I tried cannabis and never have regretted it. My religion accepts that people smoke marijuana. I'm currently starting a church that you can smoke pot and partake of psychedelic mushrooms. So far there is me and another person. Not bad since April.

Oh boy here goes:
Synthroid 200mcg
Sertraline 100mg
Atorvastatin 10mg
Omeprazole 20 mg
Divalproex 250 mg
Atenolol 100 mg
Trazodone 50 mg (has been cut in half and now prn when I have no bud)
Hydroclorothiazide 12.5 mg
Montelukast 10 mg

I stopped pain pills, no Aleeve, no Gabapentin.
Wow...you're the second post I've read in the last 10 minutes that has blown me away!! What determination!! It makes me happy to see this 'Women's Bodies, Women's Minds." Comin' from the 60's, we took our health care back. I have a Chinese doc....I don't know the herbs I take occasionally, per se, but after 25 years w/ the him, he rocks the house down!


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To be totally honest my husband and I both are ordained Ministers. I've been part of both Striaght and Gay weddings and I love to talk religion/spirituality. So, at first I had a problem with believing I was sinning. But, to tell the truth I'd been sinning by killing my body with 120 mgs of percs all at one time. That is the true sin, Hurting your temple that is! Cannabis doesn't hurt anyone, it doesn't hurt your temple and it doesn't hurt your soul either. I really was worried so I prayed. I even consulted my husband who has NEVER had a drink, cig, or any kind of drugs in his entire life! He said if it will get me off the pain pills and help him with his pain as well then he's all for it! So, after praying together we decided we needed to move to a legal state just so we don't get arrested and lose our little girl. Thanks for listening y'all. Oh and I do pray for folks so if anyone needs some of that I can't help :)
All prayer's are welcome.
(I think invisible healing energy can be shared)

I have chosen to avoid opioids till my last days, when they might be required.

I hate pills, needles and negative side effects associated with each.
My determination is a personal choice.

Live happy.


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In my personal point of view. It's a No and should never be...

It's not about the religion. It's how deep the faith you have, it's on how you treat and respect others decision in life. I don't take religion as the center of my life but I focus to God our creator. Religion can't save you, I strongly believe in that. I mean it serves as a guide but it should never dictate you. I chose not to smoke bc I don't want to break the law and as a single parent, my son needs me a lot. I can't afford to get involved in any trouble.