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Disabled family in Oregon Needs a free pot plant


Hello, my family lives in NW Oregon and we are cannabis CBD advocates. We use both and I'm asking around to see who can help me connect with someone in Oregon to give my family a free pot plant. The seeds are expensive and we don't have time to wait a 6 months to a year before they sprout and grow. We're preppers and we need to have it already grown and planted so we can use it when we need to, please help, thank you.


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Welcome to the community @HolisticEarthMama! The seeds are expensive for sure, and I do hope someone willing to be generous in your area can help you out. Growing can be an investment. Can you get seeds at all? In case someone doesn't come through it would be a good idea to at least start the process. It only takes a few weeks to get the plant growing. I wish you a ton of luck in finding a donor!