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Forum Did You Know About The News Feed?


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It's not even something I look for usually because I am too busy working on something. Well I wanted to take a moment and mention that TMF is in fact a very social platform which is why you can follow/unfollow people. We have almost everything we need except groups. That is something for later though. I just finished giving new permissions for creating albums and expanding the categories. You can thank Nikki for that since it was her ask that prompted it.

Back to building friends. There is a #newsfeed and if you hover over your name at the top right on desktop you will have the menu open to the "News Feed". Or click here: https://www.tedsmarijuanaforum.com/account/news-feed

With this handy dandy tool you can see what the folks you follow are doing and catch up with them. It might be handy to some and to others just a meh. It's why I didn't post it in the full blown announcements section. Have you been using it? Or is this new and a cool thing to see? It's been there since the start so I didn't add this to the community.

Enjoy if you desire!