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I just remembered something that happened a few years ago and thought it made an interesting point to share (not that it needs debating in my opinion) ... I am not a UK citizen but anyone living in England will know about salespeople that come to your door to sell gas/or try persuade you to try change your current gas supplier ... a crappy job, low wage, walking door to door in the freezing cold. So it's this salesperson's lucky day 'cause he knocks on our door ... *open door ... hotbox! He smiles and starts his sales pitch ... loses me 2 minutes in & then asks if he can come in and have a puff. Sure! He chills with us, we all speak rubbish, get to know each other & off he goes about an hour later on his merry way, selling gas.

Point being, if I was cooking would he ask to come in and join us, probably not. If we were having a beer, would he of asked if he could come in and have one, probably not.

There is something about Mary.

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Ah, im too scared too answer the door for people I dont know anymore. Gotten robbed at my front door multiple times. Walking to the door from my car after work. Or just answering the door at the wrong time for someone I didnt know. The door does not open anymore unless im expecting ya.

But as for your point I totally get it. Ive seen how cannabis brings people together of all walks and styles. We have a system in our body built specifically for receiving cannabinoids. No reason not too feed it since it seems to make us sick if we dont =P

jay bee

Hi fellow stoners,
How are we all? I'm Jaybee from Birmingham UK great forum for us weed smokers to connect how's the cannabis culture doing for you peeps I've Been smoking some Gelato and some pineapple kush on this fine Saturday no work just room to sort out ready for desk and some new equipment ready for my youtube channel that funnily gonna start gonna go basic with a couple of phones this week and vlog my week watching Cheltenham festival should be good what everyone else been up to? Here some of my weed art take a look


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That's some good weed art. Just smoked some Blue Dream and I am chilling. How is the UK this time of the year? I am watching closely the legalization bill here in NH, US. I am hoping they will push it through this month. I am working on the forum a bit too and some other small projects. Lately, I have been streaming on Twitch. I play a game called Path of Exile and that is something I have been having fun with. Meeting stoners through there too :)

jay bee

I've just smoke some fruit gusher really nice strain wile try to edit video's for my vlog of Cheltenham horse racing festival last week the UK just start to warm up slightly nights getting bit lighter legislation is being talked about more and more through the media here but I still feel we are a wile away wile we have a right wing torie government tbh but yeah good to chat Ted ✌