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Internet Big Money Salvia On Youtube


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Just wanted to share a channel that I have binged watch and I can't say that about many channels. Hot Dad did a song about him too. Erik rocks a new video every 2 weeks on average I think. It's only got better each time as well. If you want to feel better about yourself then fo visit Big Money's channel and thank me later.

I added the latest one in the media section since it's on Weed Channels. He teaches all of us to comment better and use our inner etiquette. You will know it's him when you see the #Commentiquette handle around the web. Be forewarned that if you see him Black Ops or another game that he loves friendly fire :)


I am really proud of you that you are so creative person and you are sharing with people your thoughts. It's really cool, do not stop, just do it. I do not really like wasting time watching some chanels, i want to earn some money due to the fact that life with money is better than without them. The think that i really like now i am getting paid plaing games, is it not cool? Just imagine you don't need to go somewhere each and everyday, you are just sitting home and earning money playing games. This is what i wanna do now.
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