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1st Time Automated growing


Has anyone try the "automated" cabinets/tent/ box, not sure how to call them, like grovo, seedo or cabigrow?

Just checked them I am not sure if it is really worth it, it seems like they will save a lot of time and make better plants, but it seems to good to be true?

what is your experience with them?


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I would hard pass on this. Buy a small tent, a decent light and learn how to do the basics. You will be far better off like this in the long run. The grovo auto cabinet is $2,000. I could make that money go so much further and have some top of the line equipment for that price. One feature is that it can yield up to 3 ounces. This seems so small and you will probably be fairly disappointed fast. It takes 4-6 months for a full grow cycle seed to harvest/cure. If you pay $2k for 3 ounces of weed every 6 months you will take a few years to recoup your cost.

Seriously, go on Amazon and buy a small tent. Don't waste your time with autocabinets. I feel like they shouldn't be a thing, but educate me if I am wrong.