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Kickstarter An Automated Indoor Plant Care System :)


Hi, I would like to share my project for the past few months – an indoor plant watering system. I started this as I was getting busy with uni and my plants were suffering. The device started off with an arduino and a pump, one thing LED to another and the project is now on crowdfunding :)

The device draws water from a bucket to water 10 potted plants, is simple to set up and easy to maintain. I have no idea if it is applicable in a growing setup for you guys, but please feel free to shoot questions below!

I really hope that this will make some of our lives easier (I can’t be the only passionate gardener with no time around)! The project link is here (www.kickstarter.com/projects/1051087821/hydra-your-plant-care-companion) for those who want to find out more. Cheers :)
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Awesome stuff! I hope some of our farmers come in and add their thoughts on this device. Awesome work and I hope this is successful for you. I know Kickstarter is tough for many, but keep pushing no matter what!