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After Thanksgiving 420 Doobie Fest Relaxnchat


Hi ,my name is Deborah and I'm new.
I thought a Thanksgiving evening, 420 smoke Nchat, just to unwind,vent about anything , or make new friends was a fun idea! :) What's your favorite way to medicate? I mostly vape :) Happy post Thanksgiving!!



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Welcome @DeborahGL to the community officially. I haven't had time to be around and posting as much as I wish I could. I am going to try to make up for it this month. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining and supporting this community. It is not easy to build, but Nikki and I are doing it with 1 person at a time.

I skipped Thanksgiving this year just because life has been crazy. Hopefully you enjoyed yours. I think we briefly chatted in the room but I haven't gotten around to the intro section until now. Let me know if there is any issues or ways we could be doing better.