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Directory Adding Your Business, Org, Whatever


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I was going to do a video on this but that might be a little over kill. This process is actually really simple. If you are a business, organization, run a cannabis forum, sell merch or anything else, then this is for you.

Cost: Free

Consider this the Yelp of Cannabis, without dealing with scheming tactics. This forum might be small, but your brand needs to be in a lot of places. You don't have to join and be active either. Your only mission for signing up is to get into the directory and bring some free eyeballs and cash to your place. If that doesn't interest you then you are probably not doing well to begin with.

For those that understand the metrics here at TMF, you might see our user base is growing at a rapid clip. Your disregard today could easily put you behind all your competition by the end of the year. I know I don't plan on slowing down the growth any time soon.

Alright let's get down to how to do this.

Step 1: Register. It's free but you need to be a member so you can continue managing your listing in the future.

Step 2: Click the "Directory" button on the main nav such as the imagine below:

Yes, there are more options below it, but we don't care about those right now. We just need to focus on clicking that "Directory" tab you see highlighted in purple.

Step 3: Next the site will move to the next page where you click the "Create Item" button below on the right. I highlighted it in purple to keep it consistent.

Step 4: See the site fade and the "Choose Category" box pop up. You want to click that down arrow and select the most fitting category that you would fall under.

Step 5: Click that purple :Continue..." button.

Step 6: You will be brought to the final page to get your hot property into the TMF directory.

Step 7: Fill out everything you see below. This is how you will be seen, rated, and benefit from being in this directory.

Step 8: Work from top to bottom and start by choosing a prefix that defines your entry.

Step 9: Add the title to your listing. It should be the name of the website, org, business, and not clickbait. I don't approve clickbait...not even a little bit.

Step 10: (Optional & only for the business category) I added the ability to select which state you are in because the next release of this directory will include Google Maps. You may still wish not to use it and that's your right. I understand it also not legal in every state, but I am optimistic so I added all of them :)

Step 11: Add a description to your entry. This small description will be used in Google search results, and other places around the community. Don't shrug it off, you just need a couple concise sentences.

Step 12: The "Tags" box let's you add 3 tags. They can be one word or a phrase. Adding a comma closes the tag.

Step 13: This is where you make your money. This is the About You section. If you choose to put nothing here then I will delete the submission. You must put something there. I highly suggest putting something good like why you are doing what you are doing or your thoughts about your gig. Do not add products for sale here. You would walk up to someone and sell them something before saying hello. This apply here too. Use the TMF submission as a sample page if need be.

Step 14: Add images if you would like to. Images are awesome and people like them.

Step 15: Select that beautiful purple "Create Item" button and send it over for my review. If you did a solid job then this will sail right through and you can edit it whenever you want. These listings will grow as we go along as well.

That's it. This is how you get free traffic and some links to your item. Get in early and take advantage of the placement of your listing. Or, continue to ignore us until we have 50K+ members and your listing is just another in a sea of older, better, and more frequently visited entries. If you have questions please feel free to let me know. It should be easy, but maybe I wrote the directions wrong.

Please don't add suggestions to this thread. This is only the How-To section.