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Other 4 Top Best Strains

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The DGOG (short for “Durango OG”), from our 2013 Seed Bank Hall of Fame inductees Laplata Labs, is coated in resin from the stalks and branches to the tips of the fan leaves and, of course, the nuggets. Laplata took an F1 hybrid developed by Eclectic Genetics and worked it into an F3 by selecting for their favorite phenotypes, resulting in a super-frosty Kush plant that puts many others to shame. The breeders describe the aroma as the enticing smell of “new rubber, like a fresh pair of shoes or a can of tennis balls — along with that OG funkiness!”

Her relatively short flowering time means the DGOG is very forgiving as far as feeding is concerned and doesn’t have much time to develop pests or mold. The breeders at Laplata recommend lots of topping and defoliating as well as a little extra vegetative time for increased yields. Also, the DGOG is a very fibrous plant and doesn’t require staking or trellising in order to stay upright throughout flowering.


Hybrids made using Chem Dog genes don’t always reflect the best qualities of the lineage, but relative newcomers Alphakronik Genes have found a way to pull it off. They’ve crossed Chemdog D with their Sin City Kush (Afghani), and the resulting, slightly sativa-dominant variety has all the tongue-tingling signs of a proven winner. Spicy, with a complex scent and taste, the Dawgfather offers notes of diesel fuel among the usual musky Kush and Chem odors.

Growing the Dawgfather will require some staking and pruning to achieve a decent harvest without too much space between internodes, and she’s a heavy feeder to boot (particularly nitrogen). Some phenotypes of this strain have very nice CBD ratios, and the effects are well worth the extra work, with medical users touting the Dawgfather for relief from Crohn’s disease, nausea and anxiety.

Quantum Kush

A new division of TGA Genetics called Home Grown Natural Wonders has created a strain that boasts both a very high THC level and a complex terpene profile. The result is a long-lasting high with virtually no ceiling as well as an interesting set of flavors and scents. Break open a nugget and you’re immediately hit with the Kush side of this hybrid, but linger with it a bit longer and the sweetness from her Timewreck side comes out.

Quantum Kush grows tall and will continue to stretch, so breeder Subcool recommends topping her early to spread the branches out. Using smart pruning techniques, you’ll get a great yield of big, beautiful buds. Medical users suffering from bodily aches and pains, insomnia, loss of appetite or depression all report benefits using this strain.

Whitewalker OG

This medical marijuana collective based in the Los Angeles area have won a bunch of Cannabis Cups recently for their flowers and concentrates. Their commitment to excellence shines through in their Whitewalker OG, the first-place indica winner at our 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. These ridiculously frosty buds sparkle in the light like diamonds.

Expect an above-average harvest from the Whitewalker OG, particularly for a Kush phenotype. The plants grow tall, lanky branches that will keel over as they approach ripeness, so staking or trellising is a must. The sugar leaf and nuggets produce absolutely incredible concentrates — another specialty of the Gold Coast crew. They’ve assured me that a limited release of these seeds will be coming in early 2015 for growers who simply must have this strain in their arsenal.

And that's the 4 top best strains


Weed doctor
Hello people my best strains are KUSH , Norther Light, Power plant and White Rhino . I made Polm from a good male KUSH plant and made seeds on all off the strains above, my Norther Light is amazing now. The KUSH dna made it more potent and white, the high is strong and long . I grow them now out side because it,s good weather now in The Netherlands and in 20 days day are ready. I post a picture when it,s finished looks so much better then the first NL yes the pollination with the KUSH male did the trick. Oké talk to you later

John W Cox

I wish that Crop King steal had there ICE WRECK strain I lost my last plant's and they said 27% THC. I where the best for pain,sleep or what every as long if you did not have any left to do because you were couch locked I had not smoked any in over 10 or 12 years. I have always grown mine with over 60% Indica because it has the most CBD and it stays short but I still can get at least most of the time I can get close to 2lbs. My #2 is OG-KUSH and I just love that skunk smell I guess. peace and keep it green always


Well, it's hard to choose. Let's go in no particular order:

1. Northern Lights
2. Sour Diesel
3. White Rhino
4. Skywalker OG


Weed doctor
I like to tell you that in Amsterdam many new strains are available but go to the Coffeeshops were the locals go ! This is very important. When you go to a tourist Coffeeshop you get bad weed and not the good stuff. If you want to know what good shops are if you planning to come to Amsterdam DM me. Stay safe people, Peer