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Other 30-year Grower With Tons Of Knowledge

John W Cox

I am looking for a job on the west coast.I have been growing cannabis for over 30 years outdoors it,s get so hard now to make a living at it for the law and people stealing it.I can clone it there is not much that I can;t do when it comes down to it.I can tell all about it over watering under watering and sick plants.I can grow about anything that will grow.I started growing it when I was 13 and I am now 48 and am getting everything together to grow on the inside.I live in TN. and am willing to move to where ever.All I ask is you give me a chance and I will not let you down I promise you that.John W Cox email [email protected] Thank you for your time


John....check out INDEED job listing and there are several ONLY CANNABIS job lines...punch the topic into Google and they will pop up!
Good luck. Growers are needed!!