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Everything 2018 Update On Everything


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Hello everyone, long time no post. I miss you a lot. For those that are tracking, I have been sick af for about 5 years. The exorbitant amount of meds that I have been on took me somewhere else. Ever see the movie self/less with Ryan Reynolds? Take the concept of losing your mind but having your body alive with someone else controlling it and that is how I felt since 2013. I was on 20 meds and lots of pain pills for everything from fibro to bulging discs in my neck.

Today I am writing this after 3 weeks of withdrawal from morphine. It was hard and my family and friends were extremely supportive. I am getting my mind and body back slowly. I am on zero meds as I type this. Marijuana has changed my life and got me through a lot. I even learned how to make edibles this week after my doctor begged me to smoke less because eating is healthier.

I retired from the Air Force after 20 years in Feb 2017. I spent almost a year in the Philippines going through my VA stuff and I finally moved back to the US in Jan 2018 to seek help for my issues. I found it and the VA has been amazing for this disabled vet. I took my first smoke an hour after we landed and haven't looked back.

I had to give a little back story to explain where I have been mentally and why things have been the way they have around here. I was missing in action for a long time and it's only been the last week that I have started feeling better. This has been a difficult road, but I still have an even greater passion for the legalization and to help people learn about the unbelievable benefits of cannabis. I am coming back and we are going to improve this community.

I am planning on a massive overhaul of the code for the site in September. I need about 100 hours of concentration I think and that's when I will be alone for about 3 weeks while everyone is out of the country and in school. We will lose some features that have not been updated for the new code but I won't know which pieces they are until right before I make the changes. I do expect the wiki, faq, and maybe the directory/articles to be gone. I really hope not but that is out of my hands. If the developers make them compatible then we are in business. If not, then we will be a bit smaller.

I don't plan on anything more for the year though. I am not expanding the social media presence or running any contest. I am still working on getting healthy, making the improvements to the site and hoping the community will rally behind the effort and pitch in to bring people in. I will be pushing the newsletter again and probably wiping thousands of accounts that are inactive. I would rather have 100 active members than 10,000 dead accounts. More is not better in my world at the moment.

With the social media world changing, our information is being tracked, sold, and used against us. At least here I log nothing, sell nothing, and try my very best to protect your information. This venture was never about making money but rather to build something my late father could be proud of. You can read about him in the mission statement if you wish.

Well, I suppose my point to all of this is to tell people I am getting better and there is still life in this project. If anything, there is even more life in it now that I am free to smoke and use. Everyone should be afforded the right to treat themselves with cannabis. Let's make Ted's better!