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  1. keith mclaughlin


    After several years of touring and recording professionally as a saxophonist, Jeffrey decided his skill set would be best served on the business side of the entertainment industry, and headed to Law School. Jeffrey is now a partner at Vicente Sederberg LLP, where he focuses his practice on...
  2. jay bee

    Weed art

    I'm high all the time cus I smoke the Good shit ✌
  3. Thomas Bill

    Energy Big Big Tomorrow

    Ahh the great indoors! Lol, hey everyone! I've learned so much more from my second grow it's crazy, like I got a male again this time but also a female at long last!!! Finally! This is a huge accomplishment for me. All the work I put in and my experience with actually growing a plant on my own...
  4. IMG_4004


    Bud ready for smoking.
  5. M

    Insurance Broker Specializing In Cannabis

    Hi, I am new to this forum but not new to insurance and definitely not new to cannabis. I wanted to say hi to everyone and if anyone wants help managing risk of have any insurance questions don't hesitate to contact me.
  6. Lymmie

    Neflix Draw Lymmie A Picture (get High 1st!)

    Hello everyone. I wanted @Ted @Jeff @Cudzu @Lite all to partcipate. This is open to all who wish to participate and is mandatory in order to stay in my good graces. Those who fail to furnish a drawing for Lymmie shall face the wrath of a long cold stare of disappointment. Music is...


  8. Holy grail Kush

    Holy grail Kush

    This hybrid being a cross between OG kush x Kosher Kush Delivers a mellow relaxed high.
  9. Pineapple Express!

    Pineapple Express!

    This Beautiful Tasting Hybrid puffs smooth and and gives the best of head and body highs :)
  10. Cudzu

    Fire It Up

    View: https://youtu.be/ZeGAiTitM3A
  11. Smokable Marge

    Smokable Marge

    Combining 2 of my favorite things: "The Simpsons" and weed.


    WEED TO BE LEGAL IN CANADA! https://t.co/etvLKhgnY0 Marijuana to finally be legalized by July 2018. Bill to be introduced next month. Weed to be legal by July 1, 2018 (Canada Day). I have been waiting 41 years for this.
  13. A

    Basics Once My Marijuana Plant Is Fully Grown, How Do I Prepare It For Smoking?

    To most of the marijuana growers, the stage harvest is not the be-all and the end-all of the whole stage of growing marijuana. In fact, this is just the beginning, especially to those who intend to transform the harvested marijuana leaves into a much usable form, and thus comes the preparation...
  14. Hollywood Girl Scout Cookies

    Hollywood Girl Scout Cookies

    I cannot find a detailed description of this strain online. However, it appears to be a cross between "Hollywood OG" and "Girl Scout Cookies." I love this weed! Expect euphoria, creativity, relief from pain and nausea leading to serious couch lock. Definitely stronger than "Girl Scout Cookies."
  15. Kosher Kush

    Kosher Kush

    Nice daytime shot of a bud of "Kosher Kush."
  16. Towelie


  17. Girl Scout Cookies

    Girl Scout Cookies

    Feel lucky to be 1 of the few people in the city to be smoking the incredible "Girl Scout Cookies." Currently fighting the flu and WOW is this great for symptoms!
  18. stxndg

    New Member Intro

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forums. I have been smoking weed for 5 years, I am 20 years old. I just want to share my cannabis knowledge with people. I like to use cannabis to relax and get a buzz. And I just want share information based on my experience with weed. So I'll see y'all in the forums.
  19. Pineapple Express.

    Pineapple Express.

    Yesterday, I was down to my last bowl of "Blue Dream" when "Pineapple Express" appeared on my dispensary's menu. Couldn't believe my luck! Rushed right out and got some. Talk about just in time! This is a great daytime exposure of my favorite weed of all time.
  20. Blue Dream

    Blue Dream

    Chillbud.com rates "Blue Dream" as the most popular strain at the moment. With THC ranging from 17-24%, this 60/40 split (I/S) will calm you and make you feel euphoric and creative. Excellent for hyperactivity, chronic pain, anxiety and depression.