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  2. Lemon Skunk Day And Flash Showing Trichomes

    Lemon Skunk Day And Flash Showing Trichomes

    Lemon Skunk has tested as high as 22% THC and is a 60/40 (S/I) split. Notice the Trichomes in the right picture. This award winning weed will leave you feeling euphoric, giggly, happy, relaxed and socialable. Excellent treatment for chronic pain, depression, nausea and stress. I ❤this weed!!
  3. Gorilla Glue #4

    Gorilla Glue #4

    "Gorilla Glue #4 is a cross between "Chocolate and Sour Diesel." A very potent strain, "G.G." boasts a THC content of 25%. Users will feel happy and uplifted while enjoying a good body high. Great for treatment of chronic pain, depression, fatigue, insomnia, nausea and stress.
  4. Hollywood Girl Scout Cookies (Better Shot)

    Hollywood Girl Scout Cookies (Better Shot)

    A much better, more colorful shot of "Hollywood Girl Scout Cookies."
  5. Hollywood Girl Scout Cookies

    Hollywood Girl Scout Cookies

    I cannot find a detailed description of this strain online. However, it appears to be a cross between "Hollywood OG" and "Girl Scout Cookies." I love this weed! Expect euphoria, creativity, relief from pain and nausea leading to serious couch lock. Definitely stronger than "Girl Scout Cookies."
  6. OG Kush

    OG Kush

    "OG Kush" boasts a stunning THC level of 24%. A 55/45 (S/I) hybrid, expect intense euphoria followed by couch-lock. Great for treatment of Bi-Polar Disorder, anxiety, chronic pain, nausea, Alzheimers Disease, Hyperactivity, migraines and mood swings.
  7. Girl Scout Cookies

    Girl Scout Cookies

    Feel lucky to be 1 of the few people in the city to be smoking the incredible "Girl Scout Cookies." Currently fighting the flu and WOW is this great for symptoms!
  8. Blue Dream

    Blue Dream

    Chillbud.com rates "Blue Dream" as the most popular strain at the moment. With THC ranging from 17-24%, this 60/40 split (I/S) will calm you and make you feel euphoric and creative. Excellent for hyperactivity, chronic pain, anxiety and depression.
  9. 20161112_140248


    "Nuken" is a pleasant surprise with THC of 25%. An 80/20 split (I/S), this weed is a cross between "God Bud" and "Kish." As long lasting buzz, expect to feel relaxed and happy. Excellent treatment for anxiety, chronic pain, depression and muscle spasms.
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