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  1. Ted

    Thanksgiving Infused Cooking

    Just wanted to ask who is cooking with cannabis for Thanksgiving? I am not, because I haven't graduated to cannabutter yet, but I plan on making gummies and candies for everyone instead. Next year I want to use it in my pies. It's been a major year for me after discovering the power of edibles...
  2. DeborahGL

    After Thanksgiving 420 Doobie Fest Relaxnchat

    Hi ,my name is Deborah and I'm new. I thought a Thanksgiving evening, 420 smoke Nchat, just to unwind,vent about anything , or make new friends was a fun idea! :) What's your favorite way to medicate? I mostly vape :) Happy post Thanksgiving!!
  3. Ted

    Everything Happy Thanksgiving To Some & Catching Up

    It's been a crazy month mentally and physically, but it's the end of the year so this is nothing new. I have several points I wanted to write about so please hang in there. The first order of business is to say Happy #Thanksgiving to those in the U.S. and I hope you have time to be with loved...