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  1. Jeff

    Other No Name

    As I'm writing this I just happen to be smoking a KICKASS strain which unfortunately has No name.. But I'll have to say it's definitely some potent stuff. My friend who grew it has no idea what it is. It's got a strong apricot fruity smell with a hint of earthy skunkiness. The Effects come on...
  2. TABwithAaronandMo

    We're Aaron And Mo From Youtube's Take A Break With Aaron And Mo And We Do Weed Strain Reviews!

    https://youtube.com/channel/UCpKtTY8GSYXQtZHl6liFw3w High! We're Aaron and Mo and we review weed strains on YouTube. Here's our channel, we would love for you to check it out and subscribe
  3. M

    Other Your Current Strain Report!

    Thought it might be nice to have a current strain/review thread. Northern Lights One of my favorites. Current is pretty frosty from PNW. The effects just seem to treat me kindly. I usually use this as a night time strain and relief if any insomnia. This one has a piney earthy taste on...