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  1. Ted

    Other Science Is Broken Out & Sortable

    Hi everyone! I have been working behind the scenes more and more. My goal is to completely transform the way the community works so you can get the information you enjoy faster. Prefixes allow anyone to click on the colored prefix box and the forum will quickly show you only that niche in the...
  2. Ted

    Other Growing 101, Advanced, Indoor, Outdoor

    Holy cow! For once I am catching a break. If you have seen some of my posts in other forums about bringing prefixes into each forum for fast sorting, them you know what is about to happen. I just finished loading 18 prefixes for each grow section so it saves me time and starts giving you area to...
  3. Ted

    Other Genetics & Strain Reviews Section Changes

    Hi everyone, if you are reading this then you must enjoy the community and possibly want to read or add to the section. I had considered making sub-forums for each of the strain families. This community software allows me to use "prefixes" as a way to quickly sort through what I want. What are...