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  1. Ted

    Google Plus Is Shutting Down

    Just in case people missed it earlier this month, Google Plus had a data breach and it was a big deal. They opted to shut down G+ on Dec 11, and the product will be completely gone in March next year. If you have things you need to save or communities you wish to follow onto another platform...
  2. Ted

    Social G+ Community Has Been Suspended

    I am writing this with a heavy heart that after 18 months of hard work in building an extension of our community on G+ that our community has been #suspended. I don't anticipate that it will be given back so I am announcing the closure here. I expected this but had no idea when it would hit, but...
  3. Ted

    Everything Progress With A New Site, And Goals

    If this is the first ramble you are reading, then know that this is my emotional release of my "confession" time. I like to type openly about what's going on with very little filter. With that being said, it's mid-August and I wanted to put some thoughts out so people know where we are, and what...
  4. Ted

    Everything Site Numbers, Reality & The Future

    Why hello there! It feels like forever since I did one of these and figured I would cover the bigger stuff that I have been focused on this year. I mean it's been a crazy 2017 for all of us I am sure. I moved countries, retired from a job, and life feels like it's rushing by. Your's too I am...
  5. Ted

    Social Scheduling Content On Social Platforms

    One thing I like is the ability to use tools to schedule content when my audience is online and active. I want to share the tools I use and how I decided to share things. I will give you an example of 1 month of scheduled shares that I use as a reference and we'll say it's for Facebook at 2-4...
  6. Ted

    Forum Share A Single Post Inside A Thread

    I added a new addon that you will see around the forum. It gives you the power to #share something cool all over the internet, but it was missing something. Something that @Lymmie sent me down a rabbit hole today for. He wanted to share just a post and as far as I knew, you couldn't. Better late...
  7. Ted

    Everything Happy Thanksgiving To Some & Catching Up

    It's been a crazy month mentally and physically, but it's the end of the year so this is nothing new. I have several points I wanted to write about so please hang in there. The first order of business is to say Happy #Thanksgiving to those in the U.S. and I hope you have time to be with loved...
  8. Elation Hemp Flavored Vodka: Let's Get Social!

    Elation Hemp Flavored Vodka: Let's Get Social!

    Hemp + Vodka = Elation. Come join the party!
  9. Ted

    Forum Links Display In Profile & Directory

    I have been working on the site over the last couple of days and I have been frustrated in how to format the links to each member and directory listing properly. I wanted them to look better and work correctly. These links show correctly and linked to the URL or Twitter handle you set them to...
  10. TyroneDigiCash

    Facebook Deletes Legal Dispensary Pages

    As I don't ever use Facebook, having read all the things Edward Snowden wrote about it, I am not especially surprised by this news story: http://www.nj.com/healthfit/index.ssf/2016/02/facebook_cancels_pages_for_medical_marijuana_dispe.HTML Facebook seems to be part of the "law and order" crowd...
  11. Ted

    Directory Adjustments Of The Directory

    I love the directory and it brings a new level of exposure to visitors. Being in it not only gives you free advertising, but another avenue to grow your brand. Obviously it's new, and not set in stone. I will make adjustments as we grow. The biggest thing I have to keep in mind is what belongs...