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  1. Jay Hidoshi

    Old Pro Grow Real Estate Inspections

    Are your thinking about growing on a larger scale? Read this first.
  2. Jay Hidoshi

    6 Reasons To Consider Medical Marijuana Farming

    1) WORK FROM HOME. You can feel like a hermit or a grandmother when working from home, but most people would love to have this problem. Most people never even try to think of ways to create a career of working at home. Once you get a taste of working at home, you will never want to go back...
  3. Jay Hidoshi

    Top Five Things To Expect When Your State Legalizes Marijuana

    1. EXPECT THE AROMA OF SKUNK CROSSED WITH BLUEBERRY. "Blue Dream" was the number one selling strain of legal marijuana in the USA in 2015. A sativa dominant hybrid has achieved legendary status. A hybrid cross of Blueberry indica with the sativa Haze(60% sativa/ 4o% indica). This bud has a...