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  1. Ted

    A2A Fibromyalgia Patients Checkin

    I for one have had #fibromyalgia for the past 3.5-4 years and as a guy, it can be really misunderstood. 9 out of 10 fibro patients are women. Men make up the smallest minority so it's often overlooked as not being masculine to talk about. Well, I want to talk about it and how you may have gotten...
  2. Lemon Skunk Day And Flash Showing Trichomes

    Lemon Skunk Day And Flash Showing Trichomes

    Lemon Skunk has tested as high as 22% THC and is a 60/40 (S/I) split. Notice the Trichomes in the right picture. This award winning weed will leave you feeling euphoric, giggly, happy, relaxed and socialable. Excellent treatment for chronic pain, depression, nausea and stress. I ❤this weed!!
  3. IMG_20161019_2


    Do you believe in aliens? Well I certainly believe in this alien! "Alien OG" has an incredible THC rating of 25-26%. A 50/50 split (Indica/Sativa), this great weed will leave you feeling euphoric and happy at the same time. It helps those suffering from migraines, stress, pain and insomnia also.
  4. IMG_20161002_1


    Bought this strain from the dispensary a few days ago. "Fire OG" is a 70/30 split with a 20-25% THC rating that will leave you feeling happy, euphoric and relaxed. Also an excellent strain for those like myself who suffer from chronic pain.
  5. Crystal Raulston

    Petitions Help Me Legalize Marijuana In Oklahoma

    Hi my name is Criss I'm a chronic pain sufferer and I have recently started using cannabis instead of pain medication and found it to be a million times more effective unfortunately it is illegal in my state still so I've created petition and would like as many people as possible who are willing...
  6. Jay Hidoshi

    It's Time To Destroy The Stereotypes And Get Everyone Out Of The Closet

    The people that meet me for the first time will comment on how I look like I'm in the military. That's right. A military looking man that uses medical marijuana. My brother on the other hand, has never used marijuana and looks like a hippie. How ironic. Check out this video: My doctor...
  7. H

    News Minnesota Adds Pain To Qualifying Conditions

    From Americans for Safe Access newsletter Minnesota Adds Pain to Qualifying Conditions Minnesota officials last month opened up their medical cannabis program to patients suffering from intractable pain, the most common condition for which patients seek relief with cannabis. Department of...
  8. H

    Cannabis And Hemp Facts And Resources

    Numerous variety of resources at this site. Cannabis and Hemp facts and resources For a very long time the issue of cannabis and hemp law has been to me an attack on humanity itself. I have put out a lot of information over the years but sadly it seems like the effort may have been wasted...
  9. H

    Lobbying Texas Vets Call For Legal Medical Marijuana, End To Painkiller Dependence

    Al Jazeera America Texas vets call for legal medical marijuana, end to painkiller dependence United States military veterans rallied at a parade in Texas on Wednesday for the right to treat their war wounds, both physical and psychological, with medical marijuana, which remains illegal under...