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  1. Lymmie

    Hydro White Widow X Big Bud Part 2 W/dwc

    Hey guys. So I just wrapped up my last grow. I think i forgot to put pictures in the actual forum for that but i may later. Still need to weigh out but ive got 4 jars packed TIGHT with bud. When ground up it has a strong pineapple smell i wasnt expecting frm white widow big bud but I like it. I...
  2. W

    Peace Canna Fam From Oregon

    Hi my name is Jah aka WeedmanJah. I'm a cannabis consultant in Oregon. We will be doing a legal tier 2 grow on 20 acres spring 2017. Very interested in aquaponics and aeroponics and homemade clean organic growing methods. Looking to connect with other entrepreneurs and activists on here. Feel...
  3. Master Kush

    Master Kush

    Nice budporn
  4. Purple Kush Grow #2

    Purple Kush Grow #2

    400 w HPS 4x4 tent
  5. Purple Kush Top

    Purple Kush Top

    Bud from that last garden.
  6. Purple Kush Flower

    Purple Kush Flower

    Pics from a few years ago. This harvest turned out quite nicely if I recall.
  7. More Super Kush

    More Super Kush

    Never enough =)
  8. Dr. Love

    Dr. Love

    For when you wanna get freaky.
  9. Flick My Bick?

    Flick My Bick?

    You know you want to...
  10. Master Kush... Classic ;)

    Master Kush... Classic ;)

    Ooo sparkly!
  11. The Grinder of Fluff

    The Grinder of Fluff

  12. Jar-O-Buds


    Jar of some Master Kush that is simply delightful!
  13. Only the Best

    Only the Best

    Hands down one of the best brand of papers on the market.
  14. c21h30o2i

    Indoor Vanilla Kush X Chocolate Chunk

    Here is a few of my Vanilla Kush Crossed with Chocolate Chunk. I mainline all my plants these are mainlined trained for 8 huge colas. I run 16 colas and have grown out a couple 32 cola plants, I'll pop up pics of those in another thread. But for now the 8 cola is up. I get to that from topping...
  15. Dumme

    Hydro Aquaponic Cannabis

    So, Im new to these forums, but I thought I'd startup a thread on Aquaponics. I use the unconventional aeroponic method for aquaponic cannabis. As I understand this is not the norm. Most would say it's too much trouble, but I tend to always go against the current. I started my build in April 2015.
  16. WeedWipes

    Review: Bong Brilliance Keep Your Glass Shining Like New

    Big shout out to Dope Magazine for their review of WeedWipes. More positive feedback on cleaning your glass without the need for chemicals or solvents. http://www.dopemagazine.com/review-bong-brilliance/