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  1. Double A Horizontal Logo

    Double A Horizontal Logo

    This is the other view to the Double A brand. I always create a square logo and a rectangular shaped one for any occassion.
  2. Double A Logo

    Double A Logo

    A very cool logo for the @Double A brand. Capturing everything together was fun and something very cool for their YouTube channel as well.
  3. W

    Peace Canna Fam From Oregon

    Hi my name is Jah aka WeedmanJah. I'm a cannabis consultant in Oregon. We will be doing a legal tier 2 grow on 20 acres spring 2017. Very interested in aquaponics and aeroponics and homemade clean organic growing methods. Looking to connect with other entrepreneurs and activists on here. Feel...
  4. erikjanus

    Studies Pesticides And Pot, Episode 1 ... What's The Deal With Guardian?

    Hey all, West Virginia's Cannabis Biologist here ... I bet many of you have had all sorts of concerns about pesticides on your weed. I hear you. So do I. I'm a toxicologist and former regulatory scientist from the pesticide industry now trying to make it as a hemp entrepreneur and small...
  5. Jay Hidoshi

    Praise To The Outdoor Farmer

    I always take as much pride in every medical marijuana plant that I grow. Legal marijuana started as medical marijuana and I always try to produce the best medicine I can. Electricity can represent as much as fifty percent of the cost of marijuana grown under lights. Is growing marijuana...