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medical cannabis

  1. C

    Press Release If You Or A Loved One Needs Medical Cannabis- Interview Must Watch

    Who has heard of CannaSense Total Wellness, soon to be the Amazon.com for Online Medical Cannabis sales? Why wait until your State figures out Medical Cannabis is good for You...Me... and the Economy?!! Look at the Foolish Laws MA, FL, NY, NJ, and PA are planning on implementing in 2018...
  2. friendswithbears

    Other The Rolling Tray =)

    Welcome! The bear community sure likes to sample as many strains as possible. Some strains currently on the rolling tray are: Euphoria: Euphoria Up Close #2 by friendswithbears posted Oct 6, 2016 at 10:19 PM AND White Kush: White Kush Close Up #3 by friendswithbears posted Oct 6, 2016 at...
  3. potprincess420

    Michigan Needs Your Help!!!

    http://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2016/06/pro-marijuana_groups_signature.HTML#incart_gallery A friend of mine at work is apart of this and has worked really hard! Please go and read up on this and learn about how we can help overturn this!
  4. MedicalMeagan

    Advice Medical Marijuana Training Program Ideas

    I am beginning to create a training program for internal staff, patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers. I need to create an introductory program for new patients that covers the basics, all the way to how to documents for trimming. Does anyone have some ideas they would like to...
  5. H

    Vancouver Grants Its First Marijuana Dispensary License

    Vancouver grants its first marijuana dispensary license ... Last week, The Wealth Shop, located just outside the gates of the University of British Columbia in the upscale neighborhood of Point Grey, received Vancouver’s first license to operate for a cannabis business. As a for-profit...
  6. H

    Macedonia Legalises Medical Cannabis

    #Dinafem NEws: Macedonia Legalises Medical Cannabis: It Will Be Available for Sale in Pharmacies at the End of June. https://t.co/JngnAEvfEY
  7. Linda Lowks

    Hello :)

    Hi my name is Linda Magana and I am a proud grower of two medical marijuana babies named firewalker OG. I am a first time grower and I would like any tips you have on how to make my baby's grow beautifully. I rarely use this website but I would like to change that. Any tips would be helpful...
  8. M

    Medical Cannabis Access Associated With Decreased Opioid Use In Chronic Pain Patients - See More At:

    Chronic pain patients with legal access to medicinal cannabis significantly decrease their use of opioids, according to data published online ahead of print in The Journal of Pain. Investigators at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor conducted a retrospective survey of 244 chronic pain...
  9. erikjanus

    Other What Are The Best High-CBD Strains?

    Howdy MFers! (ok, I have always wanted to say that here.... ha ha ha) Seeing mention of the Harlox strain in this piece made me want to start a thread here about high-CBD strains. Given that I live in a state (West Virginia) where I do not have access to some of the wonderful looking strains...
  10. erikjanus

    State Utah Passes Medical Cannabis Legislation In Senate

    Last Thursday, the Utah Senate voted 17-12 to approve Senate Bill 73, one of two bills that seeks to legalize medical marijuana for people with specific medical conditions. While this is very exciting news, and perhaps slighly unexpected, the bill faces an uphill struggle in the lower chamber...
  11. erikjanus

    State When Is A Non-profit Not A Non-profit? Taking A Look At New Mexico's Medical Cannabis Market

    This is very interesting. NM has a whole non-profit model approach to medical cannabis, whereby out of state "landlords" fund and manage in-state "non-profit" growers and processors... check it out. http://www.abqjournal.com/723600/news/no-true-nonprofits-in-pot-business.HTML
  12. H

    Meet The Nuns Who Grow Medical Marijuana

    Found this on Twitter (w/video)—> Check out @nowthisnews's Tweet: nowthisisnewspage: Meet the nuns who grow medical marijuana https://t.co/ED5wSC61Av If the above don't work, here's the Sisters' web page: https://t.co/ED5wSC61Av
  13. H

    News Minnesota Adds Pain To Qualifying Conditions

    From Americans for Safe Access newsletter Minnesota Adds Pain to Qualifying Conditions Minnesota officials last month opened up their medical cannabis program to patients suffering from intractable pain, the most common condition for which patients seek relief with cannabis. Department of...
  14. H

    Senate Votes To Let Va Doctors Recommend

    From Americans for Safe Access newsletter Senate Votes to Let VA Doctors Recommend The Department of Veterans Affairs may be forced to end its ban on their doctors providing the recommendations veterans need to participate in state medical cannabis programs. The day before Veterans Day, the...
  15. M

    Vapes How Do You Consume Cannabis And Why?

    This is my first post on the site, hopefully the first of many! Anyways I want to start off by talking about the way I consume cannabis on a daily basis. I use a vaporizer approximately 2-3 times per day, every day. Why do I choose the vaporizer over glass, papers, and edibles? Well there are a...
  16. H

    Lobbying Texas Vets Call For Legal Medical Marijuana, End To Painkiller Dependence

    Al Jazeera America Texas vets call for legal medical marijuana, end to painkiller dependence United States military veterans rallied at a parade in Texas on Wednesday for the right to treat their war wounds, both physical and psychological, with medical marijuana, which remains illegal under...
  17. erikjanus

    Other How Recent Advances In Toxicology Will Revolutionize The Medical Cannabis Industry

    Are you interested in learning how modern toxicology can revolutionize the medical cannabis industry? Please enjoy this four-part series of mine: How recent advances in toxicology will revolutionize the medical cannabis industry...
  18. erikjanus

    Other "what's In That Weed?" - A Free Infographic

    Hi community! I'm a new member. I'm a cannabis, hemp industry consultant, scientist, former regulator and soon-to-be lobbyisyt. Here's a great inforgraphic I've cretaed for all of to take and use to help educate others. Best, - Erik Janus
  19. P

    State Illinois Medical Cannabis Program Under Threat Says Non-profit Group

    The Illinois Medical Cannabis Program is under threat and so is the right of doctors to recommend to patients what they know is effective, legalized medicine. That is why My Compassion, one of only four Federally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofits associated with medical marijuana, is endorsing a...