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  1. Peer345

    Sativa Raingbow Kush

    Hello people this strain if seen on Twitter it,s a KUSH but a speciale one it,s name is #Rainbowkush and as a KUSH lover i like to show this amazing strain to you all. Look and smile
  2. Peer345

    Indica Nice Seeds

    This is a board with all good and used seeds
  3. Primo Kush

    Primo Kush

    This is the Primo Kush logo. It was a really fun project and I got to do his Twitter and YouTube images as well. This was a work for hire and Primo allowed me to share it with everyone.
  4. Special Kush #1

    Special Kush #1

    Seedling struggling to survive in Coco Day 10.
  5. IMG_20161120_134420


    One of my friends Lil projects
  6. A


  7. 1akushww


    Black Berry kush and my WeedWipes
  8. 1akushnugplant


    Kush nugget with a bby
  9. 1akushnug


    Fresh out the jar
  10. Pre 98 Bubba Kush on my WeedWipes box S/O Mr.G!! thx, thx brother

    Pre 98 Bubba Kush on my WeedWipes box S/O Mr.G!! thx, thx brother

  11. Some nutrients I use

    Some nutrients I use

  12. Various Kush strains drying

    Various Kush strains drying

  13. Platinum Kush

    Platinum Kush

  14. kushbud


    Vanilla Kush x Chocolate Chunk Super dank and chill smoke
  15. c21h30o2i

    Indoor Vanilla Kush X Chocolate Chunk

    Here is a few of my Vanilla Kush Crossed with Chocolate Chunk. I mainline all my plants these are mainlined trained for 8 huge colas. I run 16 colas and have grown out a couple 32 cola plants, I'll pop up pics of those in another thread. But for now the 8 cola is up. I get to that from topping...
  16. bliztron1


    Sup I'm bliztron1 repn aus Helping medicate the people who need it most nature over synthetic pills any day hands down.