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  1. keith mclaughlin


    On this episode of Let’s Be Blunt with Montel, Emily Paxhia, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Poseidon Asset Management talks with Montel about the business of raising capital and investing in the cannabis industry. Emily is also a board member for the cannabis industry organizations...
  2. Ted

    Stocks Investing With Market Low

    I am seeing that Session's announcement of ending the federal governments involved in letting states have legalized marijuana is slamming stock prices. I don't believe this will last as states aren't going to all of the sudden help the fed police their state. I know they will bounce back but I...
  3. Jay Hidoshi

    Old Pro Grow Real Estate Inspections

    Are your thinking about growing on a larger scale? Read this first.
  4. Jay Hidoshi

    Product Eight States Have New Marijuana Laws

    How many marijuana plants do you want to grow? Are you ready to set goals to yield one pound per plant? My book will make you a lot of money. Having more marijuana growing states is a great thing. What could this do to the marijuana industry in Colorado? What could this do to Colorado...
  5. Jay Hidoshi

    6 Reasons To Consider Medical Marijuana Farming

    1) WORK FROM HOME. You can feel like a hermit or a grandmother when working from home, but most people would love to have this problem. Most people never even try to think of ways to create a career of working at home. Once you get a taste of working at home, you will never want to go back...