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indoor lighting

  1. Thomas Bill

    LED Lighting Indoor Growing

    Can you cultivate with LED's? I have been using these lights for my vegetative, cloning and germination stages of my garden successfully. I found that these, "Roleadro LED's" are great in keeping my power and heating/cooling use down. They are light weight and easily mounted, plus come with a...
  2. Thomas Bill

    Energy Big Big Tomorrow

    Ahh the great indoors! Lol, hey everyone! I've learned so much more from my second grow it's crazy, like I got a male again this time but also a female at long last!!! Finally! This is a huge accomplishment for me. All the work I put in and my experience with actually growing a plant on my own...

    Lighting Why A 1300 Watt Lamp Is The Most Efficient Grow Light

    Recently, we received a great question about lighting efficiency: “I use 1000 watt grow lights, but yours run at 1300 watts.How is that more efficient?” It’s a great question! How can a lamp that runs at 1300W be more efficient than one that runs at 1000W? At face value the numbers seem to...