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  1. keith mclaughlin


    On this episode of Let’s be Blunt with Montel, Jesse shares with Montel his journey back from the brink of severe depression and anxiety through Ayahuasca therapy. Jesse Gould graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Economics. After graduating college, he worked briefly in investment...
  2. keith mclaughlin


    Sophie Ryan has been battling a low-grade, Optic Pathway Glioma brain tumor since she was 8 1/2 months old and she is now 8 1/2 years old. After years of chemotherapy and clinical trials, 3 major brain surgeries and one minor one brain surgery she is left with almost complete vision loss and is...
  3. keith mclaughlin

    Last Prisoner Project

    Let's Be Blunt with Montel Imagine sitting in a cell for years, decades, or even life, convicted of an activity that is no longer a crime, while thousands of others build intergenerational wealth doing exactly the same thing. That is the situation for over 40,000 cannabis prisoners face today in...
  4. W

    How-To What Is The Best Way To Use Oil Concentrates In Cooking

    I often get oil concentrates like dabs and shatter. How can i use these in cooking
  5. Ted

    Wiki Building The Wiki & Asking For Help

    I have hidden the Wiki for everyone until I can roll out something that works and look good. I want to ask if there are anyone that would like to help using BB code, HTML (for templates) & CSS (for templates). I am just slow going right now with things happening and I am preparing to move. I...
  6. M


    I need some help as I have never been a grower and have an issue. Friend gave me some Tangerine and it is not dry so maybe I can save it. This stuff smelled like hay or fresh cut grass strongly so I knew the cure was bad. Its not overdry like some that use heat to cure. Pretty buds but...