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  1. Lymmie

    Hydro White Widow X Big Bud Part 2 W/dwc

    Hey guys. So I just wrapped up my last grow. I think i forgot to put pictures in the actual forum for that but i may later. Still need to weigh out but ive got 4 jars packed TIGHT with bud. When ground up it has a strong pineapple smell i wasnt expecting frm white widow big bud but I like it. I...
  2. Biggest Little Grower: How to Top & Fim Cannabis Plants - YouTube

    Biggest Little Grower: How to Top & Fim Cannabis Plants - YouTube

    Biggest Little Grower: How to Top & Fim Cannabis Plants It's finally time to top our beautiful little girls and what better time then now to make a "how to" ...
  3. SCROG grow - Purple Kush #1

    SCROG grow - Purple Kush #1

    The Screen Of Green Technique in action. 400w 4x4
  4. D

    Indoor Starting Up!

    Hey folks, im starting up a closet grow and I'm looking for some tips and tricks for setting up. I'm gonna post pictures of the space I have (its a very weirdly shaped closet). I got auto flowering white widow seeds that I'm gonna be growing. Pictures to come!
  5. Linda Lowks

    Hello :)

    Hi my name is Linda Magana and I am a proud grower of two medical marijuana babies named firewalker OG. I am a first time grower and I would like any tips you have on how to make my baby's grow beautifully. I rarely use this website but I would like to change that. Any tips would be helpful...
  6. SpringLeaf

    Hydro 1sttimer: Building My Hydroponic System

    Howdy everyone! So I have just germinated my first seeds ever and want to build my own hydroponic system. I have done some research and gathered some ideas about how I want to approach it. I found out that I can by a deep water system for 20 bucks so I'm happy about that. I have decided not to...
  7. L

    Equipment Set-up To Grow Inside

    Hi, Im looking to start growing 2-4 plants indoors and was just wondering what equipment would be needed as I dont know much myself and havent found many helpful tips online so far. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  8. ComingOutGreen

    Canada: Medical Marijuana Users Allowed To Grow Pot, Court Rules

    VANCOUVER - A Federal Court judge has ruled that medical marijuana patients have the right to grow their own cannabis. Read more here. EDIT: Added video media for content sake.
  9. F

    GoFundMe Med Badge/ License Help!

    Hello, my name is Shakira I am trying to obtain my MED badge, and licensing. I was going to do it but things have gotten a little hard living in Denver! I just need a little help or support to get to the next level, and be in the industry! Anything helps even the smallest amount helps to raise...