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  1. Jay Hidoshi

    Old Pro Grow Real Estate Inspections

    Are your thinking about growing on a larger scale? Read this first.
  2. Jay Hidoshi

    Download This Free Ebook Pass It To A Friend

    A MEDICAL MARIJUANA BUSINESS PLAN I have been a resident of Colorado for 26 years. I'm a former owner of a Denver dispensary. It sold for retirement. My book, titled "Colorado Marijuana Real Estate", is a how to guide for the entrepreneur and the blue-collar guy. This book provides a...
  3. Jay Hidoshi

    The Numbers Don't Lie

    I owned a medical marijuana dispensary back in 2008. On a patient's first visit to the dispensary there is required paperwork to fill out. An additional survey questionnaire was also required at my dispensary. The vital questions on the survey were: 1) When was the first time you used...