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  1. K

    Oils & Butter Help! First time making canna butter with water!

    Hi!! I’m new here and could realllly use some help. I used to always cook my canna butter with the weed directly inside the pot (no water), and I had my first issue the other day but I was able to fix it! I made a new batch last night with water, and the color isn’t that beautiful green that...
  2. Ted

    Thanksgiving Infused Cooking

    Just wanted to ask who is cooking with cannabis for Thanksgiving? I am not, because I haven't graduated to cannabutter yet, but I plan on making gummies and candies for everyone instead. Next year I want to use it in my pies. It's been a major year for me after discovering the power of edibles...
  3. Buffet from the Dispensary

    Buffet from the Dispensary

    Picked up some tasty flowers and edibles from the shop. THC caps CBD caps Chocolate bars Gummies & Some Hash
  4. Black Tuna - Hollywood - Medibles

    Black Tuna - Hollywood - Medibles

    Black Tuna is amazing. Hollywood I've never tried before, was not disappointed. And the edibles were medicated candies.
  5. Cococanna Ginger Green Tea

    Cococanna Ginger Green Tea

    If you haven't tried coconut oil infused with cannabis in your morning tea then you are missing out =)
  6. Edibles


    cookies and brownies just arrived from Seattle. Jus dosed waiting for the rocket boosters to kick in
  7. LiquidizeIt

    Extract Compounds Nontoxicly For Consumption

    Licks is a must have in order to extract all the compounds out of the plant (full spectrum). From there you can add it to drinks, foods, blend with your favorite everyday products such as ejuice, lotions, creams, tinctures ect. Give it a try today. We are looking for people to make some DIY...
  8. Care Package

    Care Package

    Thx to my friends in Colorado
  9. M

    Oils & Butter Cook Cannabutter With Samuel Jackson

    Had a friend send this to me and thought I would post it. Thanks PuffItUp. http://goodandbaked.com/recipes/make-cannabutter-with-samuel-l-jackson/
  10. M

    Q & A I Am Very Interested And Ignorant Mainly

    I know a little but very little. I have not had much effects from edibles myself but do know it needs an activator like oil or heat to activate. Longer to take effect. Longer lasting. I know brownies, capsules with ABV/ or Oil inside. I have had jolly ranchers, chewba chews-suck, Since I vape...
  11. Every Generation Loves Elation

    Every Generation Loves Elation

    Too old to get caught smoking where you shouldn't be? You're never too old to enjoy cannabis flavored cocktails with friends! (Although, you might be too young...) 0_o
  12. ComingOutGreen

    Federal USA - Cannabis And The Federal Government: The FDA Is On The CBD Warpath, Again

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is back, sniffing out and threatening to shut down cannabidiol (“CBD”) companies across the land. Yes, in case you didn’t know, the FDA is inserting itself into the cannabis industry — sort of. Read more here . . .
  13. LoLo Risin


    I'm looking for information on starting a brand of edibles. I hope to move to Colorado soon and will be working on a business plan and seeking investors. Anyone in the industry have advice or tips?