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  1. Ted

    Thoughts Excessive Packaging In Dispensaries

    Something I have noticed watching different media and personal experience is how wasteful this new industry seems to be when it comes to packaging products. An example is seeing a small glass jar with one or two buds in it. I am not seeing as much recyclable packaging or minimalistic use from...
  2. 20161108_133753


    "White Lightning" boasts a THC level of 24%. A 50/50 split, this cross between "White Widow" and "Northern Lights #5" will leave you feeling euphoric, calm and uplifted. Excellent for nausea and appetite loss.
  3. G

    Pro-Tip The Smart Way To Purchase Weed At The Dispensary

    1. Try to deal with a dispensary with multiple locations. Popular weed goes fast and you may have to try a different location. Also, make certain that the dispensary has a website that has a menu of the marijuana available that day. Usually, a decent dispensary will update their website...
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    Debated posting this one...Called, "Super Silver Haze" is an 80 Sativa/20 Indica split with a THC rating of 23%. From the dispensary, debated posting it because the high is just OK and not long lasting. It is mostly cerebral and uplifting.
  5. IMG_20161002_1


    Bought this strain from the dispensary a few days ago. "Fire OG" is a 70/30 split with a 20-25% THC rating that will leave you feeling happy, euphoric and relaxed. Also an excellent strain for those like myself who suffer from chronic pain.
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    My latest purchase from the dispensary: "Girl Scout Cookies." This Indica dominant (60/40) weed has an insane THC level of 28%! It is a great cerebral high that will make you giggly, happy, introspective and wanting to get things done. Great body high as well!
  7. IMG_20160917_1


    Newest purchase from the dispensary: "Critical Jack." This weed produces a nice body high, while giving you the giggles. Great for relieving pain and relieving stress as well. Sativa dominant strain.
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    Newest purchase from the dispensary: Dutch Treat. 1 of the things that I sufferer from is arthritis. I also have bone pain from being in the early stages of Osteoporosis. A few puffs of this and the pain disappears. Also a mood uplifter and relaxer.
  9. IMG_20160814_5


    Today's excellent purchase from the dispensary. Here are 2 different shots of the same bud of "G-13." This weed has been in the "Cannabis Cup" and I can see why! Dense, great smell, great body and head stone!
  10. G

    Province Marijuana Dispensaries In Toronto

    Smoked some weed from a Toronto dispensary today and was very UNIMPRESSED. Researched the reason and discovered that under Federal Canadian law, Federal, legal medical marijuana dispensaries are not allowed to sell any marijuana with a THC content over 10%. So folks in Toronto, if you want to...