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  1. Ted

    Denver Decriminalized Psychedelic Mushrooms

    If you didn't know, Denver decriminalized mushrooms (the good kind) this week. So what, right? Denver was also the first city in the US to decriminalize marijuana and now look at where we are. This is huge, and even if you don't care, it's worth noting that we just crossed a major point in...
  2. F

    GoFundMe Med Badge/ License Help!

    Hello, my name is Shakira I am trying to obtain my MED badge, and licensing. I was going to do it but things have gotten a little hard living in Denver! I just need a little help or support to get to the next level, and be in the industry! Anything helps even the smallest amount helps to raise...
  3. rachealjeffers

    East Coast Possibilities, Living In The South At A North Eastern Location.

    Hello. [email protected] is here. I am a wife and mother. I have some college skills, but the power and prestige of manual free lance labor opened the door to the grocery store. I have a very long and checkered past with cannabis, no criminal charges or the such, just your typical stigma and...