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  1. Jay Hidoshi

    Did You Know? Why Does The Price Of Marijuana Go Up And Down?

    The reason is supply and demand. Ganjapreneurs don't want the price of weed to go down and now this is true for state governments, too. States that have legal marijuana and dispensaries will be subject to lab tests on their bud and any products made from marijuana or marijuana extract. These...
  2. erikjanus

    Nebraska And Oklahoma V. Colorado And The Death Of Antonin Scalia

    "The death of the staunch conservative judge on Saturday could be a boost to advocates of legal pot in Colorado – which is facing a potential threat at the supreme court. But legal experts say the only thing that’s certain is that the unexpected vacancy has created even more uncertainty in an...
  3. F

    GoFundMe Med Badge/ License Help!

    Hello, my name is Shakira I am trying to obtain my MED badge, and licensing. I was going to do it but things have gotten a little hard living in Denver! I just need a little help or support to get to the next level, and be in the industry! Anything helps even the smallest amount helps to raise...
  4. Jay Hidoshi

    Praise To The Outdoor Farmer

    I always take as much pride in every medical marijuana plant that I grow. Legal marijuana started as medical marijuana and I always try to produce the best medicine I can. Electricity can represent as much as fifty percent of the cost of marijuana grown under lights. Is growing marijuana...