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  1. keith mclaughlin


    On this episode of Let’s Be Blunt, Montel talks with cannabis sommelier, Max Montrose. Max is the Co-founder and President of the Trichome Institute, a cannabis education company that among other things, teaches the method of “interpening”, which he defines as the art and science of the cannabis...
  2. keith mclaughlin

    A2A THE LOTUS AND THE BUD | MEDICINE MAN [botanical medicine]

    On this episode of Let’s Be Blunt, Montel talks with Chris Kilham who has conducted medicinal research in more than 45 countries across 5 continents and the South Pacific and has taught yoga, meditation, and natural health for over four decades. He is Known as the Medicine Hunter on the Dr. Oz...
  3. keith mclaughlin


    Despite 2020 being one of the worst years in recent history for most businesses, and with unemployment rates skyrocketing, 2020 was a good year for the cannabis industry, which enjoyed a spike in both revenue and job growth. On this Let’s Be Blunt episode Montel is joined by Leafly Senior Editor...
  4. keith mclaughlin


    On this episode of Let’s be Blunt, Montel chats with Mike Glazer, a talented actor, Emmy nominated comedian and host at GLAZED, his routinely sold-out live show in LA. He also co-hosts Weed + Grub, an acclaimed podcast with actress and cannabis cultural voice, Mary Jane Gibson. He stars in the...
  5. keith mclaughlin


    On this episode of Let’s Be Blunt, Montel talks with Jake is a former UFC welterweight championship contender and was a professional fighter for 20 years. He fought for the Professional Fighters League, Strikeforce, and the UFC. He calls his fighting style “American Jiu Jitsu” which is a fluid...
  6. SimpleVape

    Announcement New Concentrates Device

    Creation of Adair Adair, created to answer an age-old call. · One device that does exactly what it claims · One device for your thick aromatherapy oils and all types of concentrates · One that changes the state of the product back to when first made allowing you true...
  7. Jay Hidoshi

    Does Anyone Remember Humboldt County?

    Electricity represents as much as 50 percent of the cost of marijuana grown under lights. Legal marijuana that is grown in warehouses is starting to get a bad media rap. The claim is that the industry is not 'green' and that it's causing problems with the power grid. It's been reported that...
  8. cannabisdaze

    Cannabisdaze | Two Sisters Exploring The Wonderful World Of Cannabis

    Hello Ted's Marijuana Forum! We look forward to interacting with the Ted's community and expanding our knowledge of the wonderful world of cannabis with you. Cannabisdaze consists of two sisters that are on a mission to increase our high IQ. Current interests include cannabis culture...
  9. Cannabytics

    Cannabytics! Mobile Cannabis Analyzing And Labeling.

    A recent survey by the American Doctors and Medical association found over 60% of labeling on cannabis products to be incorrect. This can be because of willful malpractice, but also purely because potency of weed on any given plant can vary by as much as 35%, depending on where on the plant the...