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  1. IMG_4011


    Good Hash
  2. IMG_4006


    Hash from The Netherlands
  3. M

    Insurance Broker Specializing In Cannabis

    Hi, I am new to this forum but not new to insurance and definitely not new to cannabis. I wanted to say hi to everyone and if anyone wants help managing risk of have any insurance questions don't hesitate to contact me.
  4. Jay Hidoshi

    Did You Know? Another Great California Marijuana County

    Monterey County is part of the Salinas Valley and emerging from a run-down landscape and is now sprouting new luxury greenhouses. Salinas Valley was once the heart of the nations flower-growing business. But collapsing wood and plastic greenhouses are being replaced by tall high-tech european...
  5. Lymmie

    Neflix Draw Lymmie A Picture (get High 1st!)

    Hello everyone. I wanted @Ted @Jeff @Cudzu @Lite all to partcipate. This is open to all who wish to participate and is mandatory in order to stay in my good graces. Those who fail to furnish a drawing for Lymmie shall face the wrath of a long cold stare of disappointment. Music is...
  6. When-to-harvest-cannabis-diagram


  7. P

    Budtender MMJ Dispensary Seeking Applicants (hiring And Training Asap)

    MMJ Dispensary Seeking Applicants (Hiring and Training ASAP) Text or call +1 (323) 325-1164 We have many positions available and plenty advancement opportunities. We are looking for dedicated workers who are friendly and approachable. Individuals who are well organized and have good work ethics...
  8. kid4twenty

    Country Cannabis Australia Law

    Has any body got knowledge on the future of cannabis in Australia? Feeling a little bit depressed that the US is finally doing it but Australia seems to be lagging. I guess there are a slew of things which prevent other jurisdictions to follow suite instantly but I want to know how its going...
  9. W

    Peace Canna Fam From Oregon

    Hi my name is Jah aka WeedmanJah. I'm a cannabis consultant in Oregon. We will be doing a legal tier 2 grow on 20 acres spring 2017. Very interested in aquaponics and aeroponics and homemade clean organic growing methods. Looking to connect with other entrepreneurs and activists on here. Feel...
  10. A

    Basics Once My Marijuana Plant Is Fully Grown, How Do I Prepare It For Smoking?

    To most of the marijuana growers, the stage harvest is not the be-all and the end-all of the whole stage of growing marijuana. In fact, this is just the beginning, especially to those who intend to transform the harvested marijuana leaves into a much usable form, and thus comes the preparation...
  11. Special Kush #1

    Special Kush #1

    Seedling struggling to survive in Coco Day 10.
  12. BiggestLittleGrower

    Indoor Biggest Little Cannabis Grow: White Widow X Big Buds & Special Kush #1

    What's up guys you can call me Biggest Little Grower or BLG for short. My goal with this grow journal is not only to meet some new people but hopefully expand on my cannabis growing knowledge. Please leave feed back in form of positive comments or constructive criticism. Thanks for checking it...
  13. stxndg

    New Member Intro

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forums. I have been smoking weed for 5 years, I am 20 years old. I just want to share my cannabis knowledge with people. I like to use cannabis to relax and get a buzz. And I just want share information based on my experience with weed. So I'll see y'all in the forums.
  14. DeborahGL

    After Thanksgiving 420 Doobie Fest Relaxnchat

    Hi ,my name is Deborah and I'm new. I thought a Thanksgiving evening, 420 smoke Nchat, just to unwind,vent about anything , or make new friends was a fun idea! :) What's your favorite way to medicate? I mostly vape :) Happy post Thanksgiving!!
  15. friendswithbears

    Ask a Pro I Work In A Medical Cannabis Facility In Bc [ama]!

    Hey all! I work in one of British Columbia's many "grey-area" medical cannabis facilities which supplies medicine to dispensaries and individual patients. The facility is licensed under the ACMPR (formerly the MMAR) to grow hundreds of cannabis plants for medical use. It has over 100,000 watts...
  16. friendswithbears

    Other The Rolling Tray =)

    Welcome! The bear community sure likes to sample as many strains as possible. Some strains currently on the rolling tray are: Euphoria: Euphoria Up Close #2 by friendswithbears posted Oct 6, 2016 at 10:19 PM AND White Kush: White Kush Close Up #3 by friendswithbears posted Oct 6, 2016 at...
  17. SCROG grow - Purple Kush #11

    SCROG grow - Purple Kush #11

    First two girls in =)
  18. Twisted Extracts Jelly Bomb

    Twisted Extracts Jelly Bomb

    8 Dose - Infused - Gummy - DELICIOUS MANGO These things are delicious =) Seriously. They are made with Hybrid cannabis extract (doesn't say which type).
  19. More Super Kush

    More Super Kush

    Never enough =)
  20. Purple Haze in the Grinder

    Purple Haze in the Grinder

    Amazing colours on these flowers! Not the strongest bud, but nice flavour and smell. And DAMN those colours are just out of this world!