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  1. keith mclaughlin


    In this episode of Let’s Be Blunt, Montel talks with the Founder and CEO of Humboldt Seed Company. Nathanial is the expert on creating new strains and has been breeding cannabis and working to restore rivers and salmon populations in Humboldt County, California for over 20 years. With a deep...
  2. H

    Convicted Of A Marijuana Crime In California? It Might Go Away, Thanks To Legal Pot.

    ... But now, with California on the verge of legal recreational marijuana sales starting Jan. 1, Derege and hundreds of thousands of others could have their drug convictions wiped away, thanks to a lesser-known provision in the new state marijuana law. California is offering a second chance to...
  3. Jay Hidoshi

    Did You Know? Another Great California Marijuana County

    Monterey County is part of the Salinas Valley and emerging from a run-down landscape and is now sprouting new luxury greenhouses. Salinas Valley was once the heart of the nations flower-growing business. But collapsing wood and plastic greenhouses are being replaced by tall high-tech european...
  4. Lila

    Aloha TMF!! Xox

    Hi TMF family!! Its Lila here and I am soo excited to be here introducing myself! I am an only child and live in Northern California. Graduated from the University of Hawaii in 2007 with a Bachelors in Psychology. I love to learn new things, read, research and write. I am petite, 5 feet 2 inches...
  5. erikjanus

    La Proposes 15% Tax On Medical Cannabis.

    This suggestion would triple the amount of tax LA currently collects on medical cannabis and would be TWICE the amount collected by the state for a TOTAL medical tax of 22.5%. This should be a non-starter, I would think...
  6. Jay Hidoshi

    Praise To The Outdoor Farmer

    I always take as much pride in every medical marijuana plant that I grow. Legal marijuana started as medical marijuana and I always try to produce the best medicine I can. Electricity can represent as much as fifty percent of the cost of marijuana grown under lights. Is growing marijuana...
  7. twenty47deliveries

    24/7 Top Shelf Deliveries (located In La) ---- New To Ted's Forum! Hi Everyone!!!

    If you are ever visiting LA or live in LA and are able to obtain the California Doctor's Recommendation (Really easy in Venice Beach with out of state ID) - Please give us a call! We would love to get you added into our patient database and hand deliver your package to your door. No...
  8. H

    Trimmigrants Flock To California To Process Marijuana

    Found on Medical Marijuana Project's Twitter feed: Trimmigrants flock to #California to process marijuana https://t.co/N4nb07eElB #cannabis #MME #CA #marijuana https://t.co/rB5Cr13yhv »»»»»»»» WILLITS — Except for traffic passing through on Highway 101, this northern Mendocino County city is...