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  1. IMG_3928


    Sweet buds
  2. Lemon Skunk Day And Flash Showing Trichomes

    Lemon Skunk Day And Flash Showing Trichomes

    Lemon Skunk has tested as high as 22% THC and is a 60/40 (S/I) split. Notice the Trichomes in the right picture. This award winning weed will leave you feeling euphoric, giggly, happy, relaxed and socialable. Excellent treatment for chronic pain, depression, nausea and stress. I ❤this weed!!
  3. Hollywood Girl Scout Cookies (Better Shot)

    Hollywood Girl Scout Cookies (Better Shot)

    A much better, more colorful shot of "Hollywood Girl Scout Cookies."
  4. Hollywood Girl Scout Cookies

    Hollywood Girl Scout Cookies

    I cannot find a detailed description of this strain online. However, it appears to be a cross between "Hollywood OG" and "Girl Scout Cookies." I love this weed! Expect euphoria, creativity, relief from pain and nausea leading to serious couch lock. Definitely stronger than "Girl Scout Cookies."
  5. OG Kush

    OG Kush

    "OG Kush" boasts a stunning THC level of 24%. A 55/45 (S/I) hybrid, expect intense euphoria followed by couch-lock. Great for treatment of Bi-Polar Disorder, anxiety, chronic pain, nausea, Alzheimers Disease, Hyperactivity, migraines and mood swings.
  6. Kosher Kush

    Kosher Kush

    Nice daytime shot of a bud of "Kosher Kush."
  7. Pineapple Express.

    Pineapple Express.

    Yesterday, I was down to my last bowl of "Blue Dream" when "Pineapple Express" appeared on my dispensary's menu. Couldn't believe my luck! Rushed right out and got some. Talk about just in time! This is a great daytime exposure of my favorite weed of all time.
  8. 20161112_140248


    "Nuken" is a pleasant surprise with THC of 25%. An 80/20 split (I/S), this weed is a cross between "God Bud" and "Kish." As long lasting buzz, expect to feel relaxed and happy. Excellent treatment for anxiety, chronic pain, depression and muscle spasms.
  9. 20161109_200858


    "Trainwreck" offers THC of 25% and is an 80/20 split (Sativa/Indica). Users will feel euphoric, happy and uplifted. Great for anxiety, chronic pain, depression and inflammation.
  10. IMG_20161025_1


    You'very seen the movie, now smoke this amazing weed! "Pineapple Express" boasts a THC rating of 25%, is a 60/40 split, great for day use and long lasting. It will leave you feeling euphoric and energized. Great for nausea and depression too.
  11. IMG_20161019_2


    Do you believe in aliens? Well I certainly believe in this alien! "Alien OG" has an incredible THC rating of 25-26%. A 50/50 split (Indica/Sativa), this great weed will leave you feeling euphoric and happy at the same time. It helps those suffering from migraines, stress, pain and insomnia also.
  12. IMG_20161004_1


    Debated posting this one...Called, "Super Silver Haze" is an 80 Sativa/20 Indica split with a THC rating of 23%. From the dispensary, debated posting it because the high is just OK and not long lasting. It is mostly cerebral and uplifting.
  13. IMG_20161002_1


    Bought this strain from the dispensary a few days ago. "Fire OG" is a 70/30 split with a 20-25% THC rating that will leave you feeling happy, euphoric and relaxed. Also an excellent strain for those like myself who suffer from chronic pain.
  14. IMG_20160930_1


    My latest purchase from the dispensary: "Girl Scout Cookies." This Indica dominant (60/40) weed has an insane THC level of 28%! It is a great cerebral high that will make you giggly, happy, introspective and wanting to get things done. Great body high as well!
  15. IMG_20160918_3


    The other purchase from the dispensary today: "Master Jedi." Offers a powerful body high and a euphoric, giggly mind high. Have been searching for the perfect weed to meet my needs. Is this it? Could be....I love this weed!!
  16. IMG_20160918_4


    1 of today's purchases from the dispensary: "Kosher Kush." Offers a powerful, relaxing body high and is the only weed to actually have been blessed by a rabbi. Winner of the "High Times Indica Cup" in 2010 and 2011.
  17. IMG_20160917_1


    Newest purchase from the dispensary: "Critical Jack." This weed produces a nice body high, while giving you the giggles. Great for relieving pain and relieving stress as well. Sativa dominant strain.
  18. IMG_20160914_1


    Newest purchase from the dispensary: "Larry OG."
  19. IMG_20160908_1


    Newest purchase from the dispensary: Dutch Treat. 1 of the things that I sufferer from is arthritis. I also have bone pain from being in the early stages of Osteoporosis. A few puffs of this and the pain disappears. Also a mood uplifter and relaxer.
  20. IMG_20160830_2


    About to try some Berry White