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  1. 420SOS

    Hello everybody noob grower here

    Hello guys, I'm a cannabis researcher, writer, editor and blogger but to be honest I suck at growing. I'm hoping to meet new people, learn from them and perhaps share a little bit of what I know. I was a language professor for 20 years so sharing knowledge is of paramount importance to me...
  2. Ted

    Articles Moving Articles To A Wordpress

    Hello to all my #writers! Or readers! I have been doing a lot of thinking as of late on what makes sense and what doesn't. I am considering building tedsmarijuana.com separately from the community and move the feedbacks, calendar, Ted's Rambles, and the current articles to a Wordpress install. I...
  3. Ted

    Articles Article Guide

    Our article section has been great so far with very minor issues. I figure why not post what expectations we should all have with the article section. First and foremost you have to have writing skill. I can't have a mix of quality content and not so much in a section that is reserved for more...
  4. Ted

    Articles Article Section Is Open

    Everyone can write articles if you want to see what is happening. This is will be an open house for a couple weeks and those that are serious about writing will get the author banner. Writing is a passion of minuend I will only publish the articles that are worth it. I have no love for...
  5. Ted

    Forum Do We Have Article Writers?

    I have not added this feature but I am considering it. I like to write a lot and I know others do as well. Do you have a passion to write articles? Detailed posts? If you do and you want a bigger stage to write on then please let me know. If there is enough interest I will add it. It's not a...
  6. Ted

    Forum Article Writers, Do You Want?

    Hi everyone! I am considering adding articles for the website and I only want to do this if we have people in the community who would want to write articles. Threads are great for long rants or to get a discussion going, but articles are something more. I would like to know if this is worth the...
  7. Ted

    Forum Do We Have Writers Here In The Community?

    I am thinking about introducing articles in the future. A section of the community where full articles can be posted just like it I used Wordpress or something. I won't do this until membership is up, the correct authors are up for it, and it feels right. I don't like this next sentence but I...