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Ted's Mission

This is the why and what Ted's Marijuana Forum is all about.
Ted's Mission

Small Back Story

Raised by 2 hippies that loved each other and loved marijuana, I was a child of the late 70's. They tried to hide it from me as I grew up to shield me from the "stoner" scene. It never worked as I could smell it and even see it almost everywhere. My dad's rolling papers, the roaches in the ashtray, and the pungent smell of burning bud in the car and the house was never hidden...even a little bit. I knew at an early age that much of what my parents had were directly influenced by marijuana and it was beautiful.

We started in Taftville, CT and moved to Jewett City, CT when I was 6 and stayed there until I was 18 and off onto another adventure of my own. I always think about home, but it's been a long time since I have truly been there more than just a few days.I spent my days playing basketball and getting into everything I could. I was an entrepreneur and had so many interests.

I had attended all of the D.A.R.E. classes and knew back then that they were full of shit. I didn't grasp how much of a lie the anti-marijuana push was until I was a teenager with more knowledge in my hands. It was political, punitive, and a corporate involvement that was controlling people and their households. Cannabis drains money from Big Pharm, the paper industry, clothing industry and many more categories of business. They are shaken by the thought of full legalization around the globe. I was angry that our government and adults in educational positions were feeding us lies. They were trying to program me to support the frivolous War on Drugs. Americans and then the rest of the world had been fleeced and for some, executed by life sentences in prison.

I didn't grow up consuming the plant, but that doesn't mean I couldn't support the use, legalization, or the people's right to it. It's very sad that we punish people for something so natural. (So many jails are filled with people who use cannabis for good reasons. I couldn't wrap my head around it.) Then in 2009, something happened that made marijuana very personal.

My father had been diagnosed with cancer. It was a rare kind of cancer called ocular melanoma. I had been told he had no more than 6 months to live. Luckily for me, he beat it through a special program at the Boston Medical Center. Over the course of a couple years, unbelievable amounts of pills, and the doctor's work he beat it. It cost him his right eye and the loss of depth perception. For someone who cherished fishing daily, driving, wood working and other activities needing this function, he was now limited.

Unknown to us at the time, it came back in 2011, but in a way that could not be beaten. We found out that he had Stage 4 cancer all over his body. The doctor that treated him in Boston had removed cancer behind his right eye and we thought we were home free. During that procedure, we suspect that the doctor may have made an error and my father had lost his right eye unnecessarily. We also believe the cancerous tumor was lacerated causing it to go through his bloodstream. It was devastating for him and all of us.

Throughout this, he had been one of the first people in Rhode Island to receive a medical marijuana card. He could legally use and grow strains to manage his pain. He cultivated 12 plants through different cycles. This was a major improvement to his quality of life and he would share his efforts through Facetime with me weekly, if not daily. This became a much-needed hobby or a distraction that he found his happy place with.

Ironically, his "dealer" was caught just before the legalization of medical marijuana growing took place. He was about to submit his application as a state growing center and he was busted a week prior to the law was enacted and sent to prison. This is what pushed my dad to grow his own, while his friend and supplier sat in a prison for helping people like my father. He was a good guy and the most knowledgeable growers I have met. He got out and to my knowledge, he is now growing for others and it's one more farmer we can be thankful for.

In July of 2012 I had received a call at 6 am with my dad crying on the phone. He was hopped up on morphine in the hospital and told me he had less than a week to live. This is when we learned that he had stage 4 cancer. I was stationed in South Korea at the time and I told my dad that I would be on the next flight out. I did just that and after 30 hours of traveling my brother picked me up at Logan Airport in Boston. We got to the hospital and we stuck together for the time I was there and spent as much time with dad as possible. We got him home and hospice. My 14 days were up and I headed back to Korea at 3am.

Finally, on December 3, 2012...I lost him. He was everything to me. My best friend and even typing this brings tears to my eyes. My brother was there when it happened and called me shortly after 6 am just to say, "Dad is gone". Later, he explained that they were looking over my brother's truck engine and my father didn't feel good so he went inside to sit in his recliner for a bit. He died sitting there quietly just a few moments later in his favorite chair. To this day my brother hasn't been back to the house and I know he carries an enormous amount of emotional baggage over it. I later apologized to him when we were at my mom's in 2016 (she was in ICU for liver failure) for not being there when I should have. I carry the guilt that I let my younger brother bear the whole thing while I was working in Korea.

My step-mom insisted that we did not fly there because there was nothing we could do. My dad was cremated and no funeral took place. That's not how he wanted to go. He wanted his ashes spread in the ocean by the three of us. We are not a religious family. I respected her wish and we stayed. I had just been promoted to a new position at work and I carried on as normal the best that I could.I do wish that I had ignored the request and jumped on a plane bound for Boston with my family.

It's his fight that gives me the strength to build this community and push for policy change and attempt to change the minds of those so against the use of a natural plant. I have made it my goal to use my talents to promote full legalization and use of marijuana on a global stage.

Who Am I?

Let's talk real quick about who I am. My real name is Adam, and I left home after high school to served in the U.S. Air Force for 20 years and I retired in February 2017. I had to hold this project (TMF) close to me in order to not have a serious conflict with my employment. I used the name Ted to push ahead in building this community so I didn't have to wait to finish my career in order to get started. I wanted to go from a person who supported marijuana to someone who advocates deeply for it on a different level. I am no longer searching for employment and my family is well taken care of. Now it's time for me to use everything I have to push positive agendas to the world.

I am a graphic designer, writer, IT professional, teacher, and so much more. I have a lot of talents that I don't want to go to waste. I have traveled the globe several times and live in Asia for the time being so I can take care of my wife's family. My wife's mom is her BFF much like my dad was to me. I wasn't able to be with him through the end so now I want her to have what I didn't. I plan on traveling to see many members of the community over time as well. I hope to see your farms, smoke with you, and talk about how we can make a difference together.

I am a father of 5, and I write a lot. I run my own small business writing and consulting with other people and small business owners. I am a veteran taking tons of pills each day (20 pills/day & wear a pain patch). I have run several businesses on the side of my career as well. I have a huge about me page here

I get asked a lot of questions and one of the biggest is from people on Twitter asking why should they join this community. They also asked what this community is about. So let's answer those.

Why Join?

I am aware that there are other communities that already do what we do and more. I believe that this is different because of the scope of features and the people we have as members. What I can offer is a place that is what you want it to be. We have the freedom to do whatever we want as long as it's not illegal. After all, I don't feel like going to jail over information gone awry.

We have the community, articles, groups, and so much more. I am pro-business and pro-user. I take advice and try to improve this project daily. I want this to be your go-to place, but I am experienced enough to know I have a steep climb to be viable. I hope you will want to be a part of this to help spread the TMF project and support something that is a passion project.

You join this community to support, educate, and help push policy to others that don't know. I don't have a raffle for you, or some cool grinders as a door gift for your membership, but I have plenty of space for those that do. I hope you'll join this community because you have passion, or you are a huge supporter of the 420 scene. Join if you want to teach others how to grow or create baked goods. Join for whatever reason you need, but Ted's is going to be amazing!

The Mission

This community is about connecting people that have a lot in common, specifically, marijuana. It's about educating, and teaching people how to grow, harvest, ingest, and every other aspect of the culture. The goal is to make sure those that need marijuana for pain management get it. It's also to push for policy to ensure if someone wants to use it recreationally, they can without fear of confinement. Overall, this community is about all those things in your head that you think of when you have a bag in your pocket and you walk by a cop, or if anyone can tell if you are high or not. It's about eliminating those fears.

Yes, that was a little deep, but hopefully a bigger explanation of why I bothered to build this and ask others to as well. I don't know what it will take to get you to sign up for the community, but the site is about marijuana and everything about it. If you're down, they sign up and join in. If not, then it's cool too. I appreciate you stopping by and I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

TL;dr I made this site, it's about marijuana, and I want you to sign up.

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