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Terms and rules

1. General Usage

Using Ted's Marijuana Forum constitutes agreeing to our terms and conditions mentioned on this page. We won't include difficult language or broad terms to reduce any confusion. Our website is informational in nature and meant for an adult audience of 18 years or older unless your state, country, country has rules allowing for younger ages. We do not verify ages of our members and take no responsibility for misinformation given on registration to adapt the birth date to meet the threshold of membership. In otherwords, if you are 13 but register saying you are 18 or older, it's on you and not Ted's.

2. Account

Your account is your's and your's only. Don't share a personal account. You are responsible for what you post and ultimately will take the onus for your account. Keep your account private and be responsible with it.

You may register a company account and share logins with other company employees as long as you abide by the community rules and don't take liberty using your company account as free access to our members. Company accounts are restricted and noted as such. Company accounts are not allowed to SPAM, email, start conversations, or promote in the community. All company accounts are subject to manual approval and agreement to out company account policy.

If you think your account has been compromised then please let us know right away so we can take action. We don't need security risks and it really should be that simple.

3. Use of the Community

You may use the community to ask questions, help other members, build relationships, or other activities that this website has been created to encourage.

You may not use this community to do any of the following:

  • Use the community for commercial gain without permission from an Admin prior.
  • Sell, distribute, or inquire where to get narcotics.
  • Break local, federal, or international law.
  • SPAM the community for personal gain.
  • Use the community to collect personal information on other members.
  • Reuse or copy content produced in the community by the community.
  • Harm Ted's Marijuana Forum's reputation or interests.
  • Hire third parties to break the terms set here in.

4. Intellectual Property

We claim sole use of the Ted's Marijuana Forum name and likeness. We ask that our members not use our logo or our name as their own. Our property is ours and your's is your's.

The content your provide at Ted's Marijuana Forum is your copyright and we will not use it unless it's credited to you and you give permission to do so. You do not transfer your rights to your content to Ted's Marijuana Forum. However, we reserve the right to prevent deletion of content when it results in harm to the overall community. Basically, you can't rage delete and expect us to be OK with it. We won't take credit for your stuff and that is the way the internet should be.

You do give us permission to use content from the site to promote the community by using the site. We might want to create some graphics or promotions sometime that contains community content. We ask for leeway in using content to the benefit of the community.

Liability and Termination

We accept no liability for the behavior of our community. Each person is responsible for their behavior and damages.

If you break our community rules or the terms we reserve the right to terminate, suspend, or ban an account that causes adverse actions. In other words, if you are a dick, we will be one too.

Privacy Policy

Your Personal Information

It's important to know what is done with your information when you become a member of Ted's Marijuana Forum. We take pride in making your interaction with the community and expectation of privacy easy to read. Below you will see our intention on using your information.

What We Use Your Information For

From time to time we may use your birth date to say Happy Birthday or the fact that you are a male or female to address you properly. Your information is your's and it has a limited use here in the community as we do not provide targeted advertisements or mailing lists.

What We Won't Use Your Information For

We will not sell your information to make an extra buck. That practice is scummy, and very unpopular. We will not target you for any reason or do anything underhanded with your information. We will not use your information against you, or try to blackmail you because you smoke pot.