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    Ex-jet Marvin Washington Sues Jeff Sessions In Hopes Of Legalizing Marijuana, Jul 30, 2017
  1. HiFlyer

    Ex-Jet Marvin Washington Sues Jeff Sessions In Hopes of Legalizing Marijuana

    Former New York Jets player Marvin Washington is on a list of plaintiffs suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration in federal court in an attempt to legalize marijuana, according to the New York Post.

    Washington last played in the NFL in 1999 and co-founded a hemp-based sports performance product that does not contain THC.

    The lawsuit challenges 1970 Controlled Substance Act, which determined that marijuana is a dangerous substance and falls into the same class as heroin or LSD as a Schedule I drug. The CSA prevents Washington from obtaining federal grants to open a business that would allow pro football players to use medical marijuana as a pain reliever.

    “The record makes clear that the CSA doesn’t make any rational sense and the federal government knows it,” said Washington's attorney Michael Hiller said.


  2. Colorado's Cannabis Festival, Jun 8, 2017
  3. Pot4Parents

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  4. Study Finds Cannabis Patients Use Less Opioids, Anti-depressants & Alcohol,, Apr 29, 2017
  5. Ted

    This probably isn't a shock for many of you if you are always looking for new studies and #research that shows the medicinal values of cannabis use. A good article on the reduction of opiates through this study shows that there certainly are benefits.

    Clearly, we have even more to learn but I want to highlight this because it's another piece of this pro-legalization puzzle. I want more people to understand that marijuana is not just a recreational plant to get high. There are so many of us (me too) that don't want to take #opiates but we are left with little to no choice unless we want to break laws by consuming the plant.

    I hope we will see even more studies being published this year too. Here is the Reddit thread on this topics.
  6. Go Mexico For Passing Medical Marijuana In Congress, Apr 29, 2017
  7. Ted

    Another awesome piece of news that Mexico's congress approved medical marijuana. Fucking awesome to see another hit on the global scale. The U.S. is going to look like a bunch of assholes at the federal level by being last to finally choose its people over corporations. #Mexico adds another piece of great news for the people who need it, but it falls short of full legalization.

    Fingers crossed that this is a short period before complete legalization. I know that the US will fight this tooth and nail at the border, but I am happy that people will have a chance sooner than later to benefit from medical marijuana.
  8. Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, And Instagram, Apr 9, 2017
  9. Ted

    I just wanted to post an update on our social connections. It's been very volatile lately and my thoughts have changed a bit on how I view our social media strategy. I won't make this too long. I am just going to list each and where we are right now with them.
    • Twitter: The @tedsmarijuana account is locked out. I was in the middle of my move and switched countries...and phone numbers. The account got locked before I updated the phone number. It's the only option I have to validate the account and I am waiting on Twitter to respond to my email requests. For now, we have zero access to the account. This was completely my fault for not thinking about doing it. I don't know if Twitter will come back or not and I don't plan on starting over.
    • Instagram: Our first account got hacked into months ago and someone changed the email address. The only help Instagram will give is if you send in your company documents showing you are the owner. Well TMF is not a company on its own. It falls under my company, but it isn't part of it on paper because it would affect my financial bottom line negatively since marijuana isn't federally legal. I forgot about it, but wanted to try to start another one. It was banned in under 24 hours and I gave up. Nikki started another one and so far it hasn't been banned, but I have no hope that Instagram will be a long term solution and the time spent on it is not of interest to me.
    • YouTube: I got a video out last week and was working on another yesterday. The audio in my room is absolutely horrid and scrapped the video. I need to remove the echo and re-do the video. I am very serious about doing videos and starting the podcast, but my sound padding game needs to level up. I am actively working on this and I plan on doing big things this year with YouTube.
    • Tumblr: This is still my favorite horse in the race. In terms of #SEO we can really get a lot out of the platform. It's been almost completely under-used and I want to turn that around now that Twitter is possibly gone.
    The only other thing I am doing is working on my personal blog and I am hoping for a big year all the way around. Please understand that I can't control the social platforms and it's not that we gave up. The platforms made a choice that we weren't part of their team, but I am hopeful that we will get our Twitter handle back. I will continue to email them in the meantime and will update how it rolls on.
  10. Uruguay Will Sell Cannabis Over The Counter, Apr 9, 2017
  11. Ted

    Good news from a couple days ago. Uruguay will become the first country in the world to legally sell cannabis over the counter in pharmacies. CNBC put out a piece on it here. South America is making big moves with this and I am excited for the next 18-24 months as we see more countries do the same thing. The wall is starting to come down piece by piece and education is spreading.

    I was taken back a bit last night though after reading a thread on Reddit where a member from the Philippines was talking about marijuana as if it was days after Nixon started the war on drugs. Another thread discusses how a Filipino teenager got into an argument with his neighbor and the neighbor went and told the local government that he was peddling marijuana. They executed him in less than 24 hours.

    I post the positive with a negative because we can't lose sight in the long game. While we have these kinds of wins, we have a lot more to do. I won't touch it while I live here because I know how many see it in my community and my life is worth more. This glimmer of hope keeps my passion alive that I can continue educating and pushing for more understanding. So my hat is off to Uruguay and I hope to hear from those that live there on what it is like to live there.

    #legalizeit #savelives #breakingnews
  12. Veteran Affairs Screening & Treatment Issues, Apr 8, 2017
  13. Ted

    I am well aware that the VA (Veteran Affairs) doesn't prescribe or treat anyone with cannabis, but my 1st visit to my doctor yesterday made me think. I asked her if when i go back to the U.S. that I would like to see if marijuana can help me reduce the amount of meds that I have to take. She honestly didn't know since she is a Philippine doctor and not an American one. At least she couldn't answer my questions.

    I asked if they test for it in urine samples or if there is any negative consequences for using it on a regular basis and being seen by the VA. I am a newly minted #veteran so I don't know the in's and out's just yet. I am curious if there is any vets here that could give me more insight. I am no expert and I know when to ask for help.

  14. Marijuana: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, Apr 3, 2017
  15. Ted

    Well he finally got around to it. How can we not love John Oliver? Well, at least I do and I figured this would be perfect to share here. Each big name that comes out and talks about how we got here and why we need to get things straight. Enjoy...and you are welcome :)

    Oh and let me know what you think about Last Week Tonight. I still think the best episode to date it the Net Neutrality.

    #fucksessions #educate #gogreen
  16. H.r.1227 - Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act Of 2017, Mar 2, 2017
  17. Ted

    Looks like we have a bill that is being pushed starting on Feb 27, 2017 by the 115th Congress. It's bi-partisan too with a republican sponsoring the bill and 2 democrats and 1 other republican co-sponsoring it. The more co-sponsors that join in the more likely it will have a vote. This is game changing and we need to have all eyes on this.

    The bill itself in full text.

    We have to be realistic though. There is a lot of money floating around and this is not just going to sail through. It is a 1-page bill that is easy to read. Essentially this is to end the prohibition of marijuana and we need it fast. We need non-violent drug offenders released from jail and probation along with their records erased so they can get back what life they can have going forward. It would certainly be a huge win for republicans and possibly the ending of the democratic party by getting real stuff done.

    Okay, the D-party won't crumble, but it will be near impossible for the American people to connect this to the Dems. I 100% believe this is the year that countries around the globe end prohibition, lower medical costs and begin focusing our attention on important issues. One can hope, right?

    #115congress #republicans #winning
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