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    Gov Walker’s Plan To Drug Test Food Stamp Applicants Would Be Wasteful, Ineffective And Perhaps Unco, Dec 31, 2017
  1. HiFlyer

    Governor Scott Walker announced plans to make Wisconsin the first U.S. state to drug test individuals applying for food stamps. Not only has drug testing people applying for public assistance proven to be ineffective, it is also often unconstitutional. The practice disproportionately impacts the poor and communities of color. It also stigmatizes those who need help, especially in a state like Wisconsin where only 23% of people who need addiction treatment actually receive it.

    Governor Walker’s Plan to Drug Test Food Stamp Applicants Would Be Wasteful, Ineffective and Perhaps Unconstitutional #DrugPolicyAlliance
  2. Military Veterans Moving To Maine, Nh, Massachussetts, Sep 28, 2017
  3. Ted

    I have been doing so much research lately on where to move. I retired from the #military this year and stayed overseas for a bit for personal reasons (family). The plan was to go home eventually, and I am originally from the great small state of Connecticut. I worked in a salon before joining in 1996 and the thought of going back doing the same thing is awesome...but not going to happen.

    I can't return to CT because of the taxes, laws, and the cost of living. I loved where I grew up but we all grow a little over time and our needs change. I will be sure to visit often and maybe someday I will change my mind again. For now, I am looking at the cost of living, education, veteran benefits, taxes, and other big factors with the main one being marijuana legalization.

    I wanted to write this in case others like me are thinking about going home but can't choose where to go for these reasons. I can't find much for this topic online so I am making it.

    My 3 main choices are in the order or desire. In the running are #Maine, #NewHampshire, and #Massachusetts. I want to do a quick breakdown why they are in this order and they are all there because I have family in this pocket. I miss my friends and family and would like to be close to them again.

    Maine has amazing veteran benefits to include the free school for kids, tax breaks for a property, free passes to state parks, and more. I really was impressed with what they do for veterans, but their marijuana laws are what puts them at #1 on my list. I suffer from chronic pain, and other issues and the last thing I want is to beg or hide cannabis use. I don't want to take the VA cocktails even a little bit. Opium sucks and I will pass if I have an option.

    Maine is legal to grow up to 6 flowering plants and 12 immature and unlimited seedlings. I can have up to 2.5 ounces on hand as well. No doctor's note or any hoops like that. Just grow or smoke as you want. Even eat it if that is your method. My point is that this is one of the best states for this and as a veteran that wants an alternative to treatment this is great!

    New Hampshire
    If I lived across the border in New Hampshire I would lose some veteran benefits and certainly lose the freedom to use marijuana legally. That is unless I go to a doctor and fit one of the shortlisted medical conditions that will make you a medical marijuana patient. That sucks to even write, but at least it's an option, unlike some other states.

    Decriminalization has happened for simple possessions, but it's not something that makes me want to live there considering my medical needs. The state has its benefits so don't get me wrong, I love New Hampshire, but it can't be the first choice.

    Mass is a great place and who doesn't love the Cape or Boston? The only reason Mass is #3 is that it's a little bit further out from my family. It has better veteran benefits than New Hampshire and about equal to Maine. Mass also has Hanscom AFB and some other installations so that is a plus, but the Naval Station outside of Kittery, Maine equals this benefit out.

    Massachusetts doesn't have the best marijuana laws, but it is certainly better than New Hampshire, but weaker than Maine. I can grow in Mass, and could legally have up to 1 ounce without any issue. This meets my needs in searching for the state I want to move to. If it was slighyl closer, and slightly better I would at least move it to #2.

    I have been watching videos, reading, and looking for opinions on where to call home for the foreseeable future and these states are my priority. I miss CT and RI, and VT is very beautiful too. They just don't seem to rise to my interest. I want as much as I can and Maine seems to meet a lot of my desires for all of us. I can use without fear, grow without having to be anonymous online when sharing photos or information, and I can enjoy the benefits I have earned.

    Have you been in this situation or might be one day? What do you think? I very well missed some points in my research and I am open to thoughts or other considerations. I want to get it right because I am going to move 9,000 miles back to home. This is a place I have not been to that much in 21 years. Is it a good plan?

    I will say that I have considered NM, CO, FL and other states, but in the end...New England has my heart still and I want to enjoy the cool seasons and seafood once again. I want to fish with my brother and get high as fuck with my uncle. So that we don't have to take Oxycotin and lots of other meds to feel normal again.
  4. G+ Community Has Been Suspended, Sep 3, 2017
  5. Ted

    I am writing this with a heavy heart that after 18 months of hard work in building an extension of our community on G+ that our community has been #suspended. I don't anticipate that it will be given back so I am announcing the closure here. I expected this but had no idea when it would hit, but I have that answer now. I won't be able to message those members to what happened or to bring them here to connect, and that is what happens when you build your house on someone else's land.

    All this does is prove that having a website that stands on its own is more fortified from the whims of shareholders and advertisers. They may have gotten our G+ community, but they haven't taken our true community.

    I would be foolish to think our Facebook group is safe as well or other communities like ours. I just want people to know that we didn't shut it down, and we are going nowhere. If you want to still be a part of this then come here and support the effort. We have groups right here on site. There is nothing holding us back except the convenience of having a FB login or a G+ login. We have that too, but not as awesome as the big boys.

    Let people know so admins and mods of those groups on social media can prepare for a possible bad day. Instagram took our account a while ago, and now it's G+, but I don't plan on wrapping up shop and heading home anytime soon. This community is stronger than that. I just want to get the word out there for everyone and hope that no other groups get shut down for "abusive content".
  6. Og Kushkush, Aug 26, 2017
  7. Peer345

    You did so good the plant looks so nice and it,s good the leafs are in this time not all green. It,s a normal process that the leafs change colour so my head thinks #verygood my hands tell me #smokethatshit
  8. Medical Cannabis For Ptsd, Aug 26, 2017
  9. Ted

    Hi, @livgunther and thanks for asking this. I just finished almost 21 years and it's a very different world transitioning to civilian life. I am still struggling so I can only imagine how he is coping. He could try edibles, but there is a big difference from smoking or vaping marijuana. With edibles, the liver processes it and releases a chemical called #tetrahydrocannabinol which is like a much different and more concentrated high.

    Some people choose to use it this way instead of the traditional joint. He might be able to go this route, but he needs to try small amounts and work his way up. I hope this helps open the ideas a bit more and he can find some kind of relaxation from it. PTSD is certainly nothing to scoff at and I have too many friends that are looking for ways to cope with this kind of mental anxiety. Best wishes for you and the family.
  10. Raingbow Kush, Aug 25, 2017
  11. Peer345

    View attachment 2689 Hello people this strain if seen on Twitter it,s a KUSH but a speciale one it,s name is #Rainbowkush and as a KUSH lover i like to show this amazing strain to you all. Look and smile
  12. New Search System & Notifications, Aug 21, 2017
  13. Ted

    Just some minor #updates. Today we have installed a third-party #search system to allow the search to be fast and much better than previous. I am opening the ideas that there are better tools out there that can make the user experience better here. That is a very important thing that I try to consider each and every time I make a change.

    This isn't something you would have noticed on its own, but it's important enough that I wanted to write a quick post to let people know. You can refine your search in a lot of different ways and find what you are looking for. It doesn't hurt that it looks good and blends in well too. Hopefully, you will find this feature beneficial and I hope to get feedback on whether or not it is so I know if it's something we should keep on hand in the future.

    I have also decided to bring back #notifications on an opt-in basis only. If you choose to setup the notifications you will get to choose for what and then the site will send out emails to let you know. We had this before and I turn it off to respect people's privacy. All it did was leave people completely out of the loop and I want people to know what is going on around the community. If you don't want them anymore just simply log in and adjust your notifications.

    Enjoy the new changes and please let me know if they were worth the changes!
  14. Ex-jet Marvin Washington Sues Jeff Sessions In Hopes Of Legalizing Marijuana, Jul 30, 2017
  15. HiFlyer

    Ex-Jet Marvin Washington Sues Jeff Sessions In Hopes of Legalizing Marijuana

    Former New York Jets player Marvin Washington is on a list of plaintiffs suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration in federal court in an attempt to legalize marijuana, according to the New York Post.

    Washington last played in the NFL in 1999 and co-founded a hemp-based sports performance product that does not contain THC.

    The lawsuit challenges 1970 Controlled Substance Act, which determined that marijuana is a dangerous substance and falls into the same class as heroin or LSD as a Schedule I drug. The CSA prevents Washington from obtaining federal grants to open a business that would allow pro football players to use medical marijuana as a pain reliever.

    “The record makes clear that the CSA doesn’t make any rational sense and the federal government knows it,” said Washington's attorney Michael Hiller said.