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    We are still buzzing from excitement after attending our first Hempfest event. In early June, we travelled to Portland to meet with several top notch medical cannabis growers to demonstrate our new cannabis technology solutions: Sun On-Demand lighting systems. Through a series of very fortunate events, we were invited to set up an impromptu booth at PDX Hempfest, where we shared our Sun On-Demand lighting systems with the U.S. public for the first time!

    Inventor Boris Lutterbach (second from left) explains the new cannabis technology as PDX Hempfest management adds extra curtains around our (extremely bright) Sun On-Demand Lighting system (right)

    About Sun On-Demand
    The Sun On-Demand lighting systems use cutting-edge plasma lighting technology that reproduces sunlight indoors. The ability to create sunlight indoors has many applications and benefits to both people and plants, but it is truly a game changer for medical cannabis growers and card holders.

    Growers who have used this new cannabis technology have reported higher potency, with increases in CBD, CBC, THCV, and other medical compounds. The lighting systems may be customized to meet the evolutionary preferences of individual strains, which has lead to fast vegetation and cloning, robust roots, more flowers, and healthier robust plants which ultimately leads to much higher yields. This is the first time this system has been available in the U.S., so we were very excited (and a tad nervous) about unveiling it at PDX Hempfest this year.

    The Feedback
    The feedback was tremendous, and we had almost 200 people visiting our booth throughout the day. We received such a warm welcome from attendees (despite causing nearby exhibitors to pull out their sunglasses every time our light was on), and are so thrilled with everyone’s enthusiasm about our new cannabis technology.

    It was also wonderful to connect with people who are trying to heal others through medical cannabis, and to hear so many heartwarming stories from cancer survivors. These stories of healing fit our core values perfectly. They were incredibly powerful and reaffirmed our mission to continue creating healthy profits, people and places™ through solutions like Sun On-Demand lighting systems.

    Thank You
    Thank you so much to everyone who helped make our time at PDX Hempfest so special, from a local rapper, to show management, and especially to Tara Stafford who gave up her booth for us. They all shared in our excitement about Sun On-Demand lighting solutions. We are very proud to have met these folks and thank them again.

    The team is back in California now, working hard to meet up with growers and putting together customized solutions for applications of the Sun On-Demand technology. If you’re a provider of clones or a grower working with medical and organic cannabis, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us via the comments below or through the contact page.

    PS: Please support Tara Stafford who is organizing Cannabis Vs Cancer Camp on August 21st. If you’re in Oregon, make sure to join her camping adventure!


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  1. Adabldo
    Looks like great fun!
  2. Ms. Mary Klein
    very cool. I have enjoyed the Hempfest activities over the years