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By Radar, Jul 8, 2016 | Updated: Jul 10, 2016 | | |
  1. Radar

    Marijuana is a medicine, it helps eradicate many maladies, and the list is almost endless. One of the best is seizure reduction especially in young children, cancer of all sorts treated with oil on the surface skin or taken orally. It has been demonized beyond belief. According to the powers that be it is the route of all evil. The main reason for the attacks is that big pharma, clothing, building materials, replacement for metal in our vehicles plus fuel to power them, etc.., and on and on endlessly.
    To take it out of the equation is imperative for our death dealing legal businesses. Capitalism cannot take on Marijuana and win. So what do you do if your vampire business models are petrified of the competition? You make it the monster in our midst, the route of every evil. They use endless excuses to lie about its influences.
    It is a schedule one Drug! Along with a small group of highly addictive and debilitating other drugs, that need regulation.
    A Doctor in the mid-thirties identified the causes of cancer and received the Nobel Prize. He was ignored by pharma because they make MUCH more money on treatment till you die. Healing just about anything is not in their game plan. Farming you and yours like a field of corn is.
    Would you rather be on the road driving with a drunk and angry aggressive person exceeding the speed limit or a stoned, slow driving, peaceful person minding their own business?

    Radar dedicated his life to making marijuana available and it seems he was lucky to fall in love with a product that turned out to be a lifesaver for many. He is still puzzled exactly how and why he could be imprisoned for life for crossing an invisible line with plants. These plants will grow almost anywhere if you just broadcast the seeds.

    Radar is unhappy with his government's treatment of him and his compatriots. The government is derelict in its sworn duty to provide the care necessary for the returning soldiers. He wishes to strike a minor blow to undermine his government's power in the States as well as other countries. Marijuana is a logical choice from Radar's perspective. This is more a feeling he experiences from his successes because his government is unaware of his success or failure. If they had a clue Radar is sure he would not be successful. They will stop at nothing to prevent importation of marijuana.

    Radar becomes a valued and trusted smuggler but at the same time alienates his wife and daughter

    Radar loves this challenging life he has chosen. Because of his choices he is something of an outcast from his Mother and other close relatives.

    Radar instinctively knows that the legal powers are totally misrepresenting the very positive attributes of marijuana. They develop a commercialized jail for profit system that pretty much destroys three generations.
    They are felons and can no longer vote. Americans have the largest prisoner population per capita on the planet; sixty percent of prison population is in for smoking or selling marijuana.

    Why does the average American support this extremely criminal action against a large segment of our population? Recreational use of drugs is part of our psychological makeup. Alcohol does major damage in many ways but is accepted.
    Choosing to become an outlaw seemed a natural path for Radar to take. He despised his president Nixon and was extremely disappointed in the easily LED sheep that his fellow Americans had become.
    They refused to question authority. Therefore abandoning their number one responsibility as citizens of the U.S... No man is an island; He think's that's the quote. Outlaws lead a solitary life. They give up
    much for what little they gain.
    Witnessing the cruelty one person is capable of and how it is so easy to justify, was eye opening and appalling for Radar. Our specie is, for most of us, not engaged, especially with strangers.
    Empathy, sympathy, just connecting is difficult and easy to deny. Why is that? Are we afraid of the other or just not willing to share our rations with a stranger? Radar's questions do not have easy answers.
    As is plain to see Radar is rambling and just basically complaining about the world he was born into. He does make moves to help others as often as the chance presents itself. Sometimes it works other times nada.

    Radar is having difficulty finding something profound in his chosen subject. Is anger profound? Is planning and executing operations profound? Is sticking your finger in the authority figures eye profound?
    He think's not!

    About Author

    Radar loves to write and this is a test of the author bio. Here on Teds Marijuana Forum he writes history of his youth.
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  1. Pot_Valet
    Thanks for sharing this article. I agree that marijuana must be considered as a plant and medicine and that it must be given a chance to prove that it can contribute benefits to the health industry.
  2. ComingOutGreen
    Thank you for taking the time to share with this community. I really enjoyed reading your article. Cheers!