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High 5 Tours...looking To Set The Standard For Cannabis Tourism In Oregon

  1. Cool Connections
    I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sam, the owner of High 5 Tours, about their mission and services and he is practically beaming about the future of cannabis travel in Oregon.

    High 5 Tours advertises itself as “Portland’s Premiere Cannabis Tour Company” offering Cannabis Adventures, Private Rentals and something called CannaPDX. Their first tour launched in October of 2015, just after the recreational cannabis law passed, and they have been enjoying the ride ever since.

    Their Cannabis Adventures are “Activities aimed at bringing strangers together and creating memories” and from the sounds of it I would have to agree. They offer a 3-hour trip to Multnomah Falls and a 2.5-hour Tour of Portland’s “Green Mile”, both for $25, and a 1.5-hour “Ride To Blazer Games” for only $20. This means that even travelers on a tight budget could afford these tours.

    The private rentals are $100 per hour, with a $40 driver gratuity, and can seat up to 12 of your friends or family. These are mainly geared for travelers wanting a specific tour, bachelor & bachelorette parties or for those wanting a unique ride to a concert or even to and from the airport.

    The CannaPDX Tour leaves every day at 4:20 and last until 7pm. Pick-up and drop-off are both located at Doug Fir Lounge. The CannaPDX includes complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverages, because alcohol is illegal to serve with cannabis, cannabis-themed games on the bus and discount coupons to the dispensaries visited on the tour. Some of the locations you will visit are Green Oasis, FARMA and Third Eye Shoppe and all were chosen because they have the “most knowledgeable budtenders” in Portland. The CannaPDX tours include a professional driver, a cannabis tour guide and snacks & water for $65.

    The future is bright for High 5 Tours as they have workshops, grow tours, new Adventures and even possible AirBnB type packages in the works. So if you have the opportunity to visit Portland look up High 5 Tours and expect to meet like-minded strangers and “make new memories”

    About Author

    Cool Connections
    I have always loved travel. My very first trip was to Washington DC, in the 6th grade, & since that trip, I have been to 33 states, Mexico, several European countries, Egypt and India.

    In 1999 my parents held their first official medical marijuana clinic & thus began our journey into the very wild world of medical cannabis. By 2001 my parent's had one of the most successful clinics in California. Unfortunately, in September of 2001 my family's home and office were raided by the DEA.

    In 2005 the federal government decided to pursue charges, against my parents, for cultivation and conspiracy to distribute cannabis to sick people. With no viable defense, in federal court, both were convicted and sentenced to 5 years in federal prison. In May of 2011, they entered the federal system & were not released until just 11 months ago.

    When my parents were released I immediately began looking for ways to break into the emerging cannabis industry & felt drawn back to travel and tourism. I quickly discovered that cannabis tourism, as much as it is evolving, has been pretty boxed into touring dispensaries, growers and manufacturing facilities. Since I have seen my fair share of dispensaries and cannabis grows, as well as manufacturing facilities, I was looking for alternatives to these types of tours but did not find them. So today I am starting my own journey to learn about not only the travel industry but also the emerging cannabis industry, the regulations of the cannabis industry and how it all will shape the future of cannabis travel.


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