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Female Seed

By Peer345, Jun 12, 2017 | | |
  1. Peer345
    Hello is their someone who can help me with the process of making female seed? We like to do this so all help is welcome. We work from Europe and can help you with your choice of seed strains. Medical Marijuana seeds depending of your situation it's good to know with strain is the best for you. Do you need a potent/ strong strain or a strain with more CBD.
    So how to make female seeds with all the info their is on the internet I feel like it's the best too ask it here on Ted,s by the people who know what they talk about. We hope their are people who are willing to explain step by step how to do this. We will thank you by sending some good seeds to you. Wiet zaad 2013.jpg
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  1. Jeff
    Really there's no way to tell a fem seed from a male. If that's ur question? I've been growing for 40 yrs and I've seen and tried every method and its just not possible. Most Seed banks can't even 100% guarantee that the "female" seed their selling u is "female" but they have got better. Yrs ago u had maybe a50/50 chance now seems more 80/30 this is from my own experiences some growers I know have had better luck but I know of no surefire 100% way of telling besides relying on the Seed banks. I know this doesn't help but I figured I'd share what I know to be fact @Peer345
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    1. Peer345
      Thanks im Dutch at the moment talking to a friend who study bio plant life ! Hope I get that. Growing and making my own plants for a long time. Have a great day