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  1. Guide To Cannabis Plant Training Part 1

    How to Train Indoor Plants for Bigger Yields:
    Are you interesting in increasing your yields when growing indoors? Plant training is one of the easiest ways to increase your cannabis yields without having to upgrade your light or setup. It can be used to increase your yields up to 40% compared to not training, and it's free!

    First off, what is plant training?
    "Plant training" means physically manipulating the plant so it grows more bud sites, resulting in increased yields indoors.
    Why not...
  2. Which Nutrients Should You Be Using?

    What's the Best NPK Ratio for Cannabis Nutrients?

    Trying to figure out the best nutrients for your setup can be very crazy . There are many nutrient companies, and each one creates multiple types of nutrients with different purposes.

    The most important thing is to make sure you give your plants the right amounts of nutrients at the right time. There are two main life stages for cannabis plants, and each stage has different nutrient requirements.

    For the best results, your cannabis needs...
  3. A List Of 11 Terpenes You Need To Know About

    Terps! some insects, and most plants contain Terpenes. Recently, you probably been hearing about or at least heard the word Terp, Terpenes...

    Terpenes, are Organic Compounds. They affect the taste and aroma of your flowers and with mapping, Like the mapping of DNA. We can manipulate the terpenes, to do... well, do whatever; Science!!!! terpenes, have medicinal benefits. That means, there are non-psychoactive compounds that can be used to safely, treat an array of medical conditions. There...
  4. Mainlining For Bigger Yields & Flat Canopies

    Mainlining: The act of training a cannabis plant to form a "hub" or "manifold" off a single node, creating a center for equal energy distribution from the roots to each cola